Holiday Celebrations Made More Special with Danes Cheeseballs

My family had a wonderful celebration of Christmas and New Year. We were on my father’s side of the family a day before Christmas for lunch and with my husband’s side for Noche Buena. On Christmas day, we were just at home waiting for our godchildren and other relatives to visit us. Same thing as Media Noche, we celebrated it at home with a hopeful heart praying for a better 2018.

When it comes to holiday festivities, we always look forward to the delectable dishes served, alongside the other traditions our family observe. True to that, we had a gastronomic treat feasting on sumptuous dishes. And, this year, was made extra special because we added Danes Cheese Ball to our family celebration.

Danes Cheese Ball is not like your ordinary cheese ball, it’s creamy, soft, cheesy and oh so yummy! This is so versatile. You can also add this to your favorite recipes or make new dishes with it. 

Suggested recipes using Danes Cheese Ball:

Cheesy Spaghetti

You can never go wrong with a cheesy spaghetti. Bake it or cook it the traditional way, kids and even kids-at-heart will surely love a spaghetti with lots of cheese.

Baked Chicken with Cheese

One of Keisha’s favorites is baked chicken with cheese. This is easy to prepare. I mix together salt, pepper, cornflake crumbs and cheese on a dish. Then, I coat chicken breasts with butter then roll it to the crumbs and to the mixture and then I bake the chicken for 30-40 minutes until it is golden brown.


You would all agree that Caldereta is more delectable when you add cheese to the recipe. Try using Danes Cheese Ball for an extra yummy treat.


For an added twist, level up your salad game with Danes Cheese Ball. Your salad will be extra creamy and tastier than ever.

You can also serve this to your friends who love wine and cheese…

These are just some of the recipes where you can add Danes Cheese Ball for an added twist.

Make Danes Cheese Ball a staple in your family celebrations and you’ll surely have a #HappyHoliDANES just like what we had. This is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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How about you, what’s your new discovery this Christmas season? Do you have any food suggestion where I can add Danes Cheese Ball? Please leave your comment below.

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