Skinny and Narrow Ties Have Come Back

Men’s skinny ties are stylish, cutting-edge, trendy, versatile, and are a no-fuss accessory that clips on conveniently with a perfect knot every time, which will enhance the look of an outfit, whether it is casual or dressy. Available in a huge variety of styles, geometric patterns, stripes, and solid colors, these ties will add pizzazz to a regular collared shirt, a classic button down shirt, and can be worn with or without a jacket. They are ideal for the office, business meetings, brunches, dinners, weddings, parties, and numerous other occasions.

Many of the ties are of handmade 100 percent luxuriant silk while others are of handmade 100 percent micro fiber polyester that looks like silk. Silk neckties are stylish, flattering, and add the ideal touch of sophistication to one’s outfit. The patented clip, which is attached in the USA to imported ties, resembles a hand-tied four-in-hand necktie with no more sagging knots, and the clip is guaranteed for the life of the necktie.

Some of the featured ties are these:

Woven Red Winter Snowflake Tie
This specialty novelty item is approximately 2.5 inches at the widest point.

Narrow Monochrome Diamond Pattern Necktie
It is 2.75 inches at the widest point.

Woven Monochrome Large Paisley Necktie
This is 3.50 inches at the widest point.

Narrow Navy with White Dots Silk Necktie
It is 2.75 inches at the widest point.

Skinny Sparkling Blue and White Striped Tie
This measures approximately 2.5 inches at the widest point.

Skinny Gold and Blue Striped Tie
This is approximately 2.5 inches at the widest point.

Necktie Emporium, located in Closter, New Jersey, does not have a show room or a catalog and makes their diverse and unique extensive inventory available only online. That allows for the sale of quality ties at an affordable price. All of their Clip-On Neckties feature a “break away” feature, which is a safety standard in Law Enforcement neckties. That means no more noose around one’s neck!

Welcome to The Necktie Lounge, which was carved out in a little corner of in order to highlight the multitude of ways in which their ties can enhance one’s wardrobe. It also created a place to ‘talk tie’ including which ties work well for what events, occasions, or occupations. Whether you want some “tie-rrific” inspiration for your own use, or for fresh gift-giving ideas, spend some beneficial time in The Necktie Lounge, which is always open. They are always happy to see you stop by!

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