How Does Beacon Resources Screen Their Candidates?

The screening and selection process for Beacon Resources is extensive and designed to ensure only the best candidates pass through to clients’ interview and selection pools. The professionals at Beacon Resources make the process look seamless, yet behind the scenes is a wealth of expertise applied to select the best candidates for your company and your open positions.

Resume Screening and Selection

The first step in screening candidates is reviewing their resumes once they submit for an open position or general submission call. Resumes are checked against available positions and screened by candidate skills and experience to determine suitability.

Initial Interviews

Once candidates have passed the initial resume screening, they are then interviewed by recruiters at a Beacon Resources location, such as the recruiters Los Angeles has to offer or the Chicago finance recruiting firm. These interviews help to get an idea of candidate personality, professionalism, and suitability for certain work environments.

Background Checks

Candidates who make it through the initial interview are then subjected to a standard background check. These background checks verify employment, education, and other pertinent details to ensure each jobseeker’s history is reflected accurately and truthfully prior to candidacy for a position.

Reference Calls

The last step before candidates are selected to match against your candidate profile is a call to their references. Recruiters with Beacon Resources will reach out to the jobseeker’s references to gain deeper insight into past performance, working relationships, and the veracity of their skill levels.

Once this stage has been passed, the candidate is ready for a more in-depth screening against your candidate profile, a second interview with recruiters for the position, and a final interview with you prior to hire.

Speaking of calls, you can give Beacon Resources a call at 1-844-500-8100 or take advantage of thecontact form to reach out and start the recruitment process today.


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