Nurturing Lasting Friendship through Bonding Activities

Who is your BFF? For some of us it can be hard to name just one BFF because we get to have several best friends as we go through life. After all, lasting friendship cannot be limited to one person only. It is quite normal for people to have best friends from childhood, adolescence, and adult life. But a friendship that stems from childhood and grow through adulthood is one of life’s priceless treasure. This is why I would like my children to learn the value of friends even at a young age.

My highschool friends – Lorraine and Ethel photo taken: Year 2018
Here’s the oldest photo that I found on my hard drive. I’ve known these two since we were 13 years of age and we still make it a point to see each other even once a year because of our busy schedule. But, of course, we are always connected online. Photo taken: Year 2008

For me, friendship is like love. You can’t force it on someone, it just happens naturally. But once you find it, you have to nurture it or it will die. One of the best ways to nurture lasting friendship is to keep in touch and spend time with each other. I know some BFFs from childhood who don’t get to see each other often but they constantly keep in touch through social media. Your schedules may not match but your messages for each other are always there whenever you’re ready to read it. Everyday photos that you share with friends in social media is also a great way to keep BFFs in your life even if you’re apart. Who says you can’t bond when you’re apart? But of course, the best way to nurture friendship is to spend time with each other.

Yearly Christmas get-together

Make time to see your friends so you can nurture a lasting relationship. It doesn’t have to be something grand or expensive. True friends can enjoy each other’s company by just sitting side by side in a park. But of course, there are lots of bonding activities that you can do with your BFFs. You can have lunch or coffee, go on a picnic, or spend a holiday with your BFFs once in a while. But sometimes I simply want to hang around in the house with my BFFs and reminisce about our childhood antics. Looking at throwback photos can also be loads of fun. This is why I like taking photos of our bonding activities. My new Instax Camera from my Netflix Stream Team sure comes handy for such occasions. I wonder what our future selves will say about these photos.

I also want my daughter to have lasting friendship so I encourage her to spend time with her friends. Books, movies, and TV shows that revolve around friendship is another a great way to teach your kids about the value of friends in one’s life. It just so happens that two of her favourite shows in Netflix touches on friendship. She loves watching Captain Underpants and Next Gen these days. Both are fun and entertaining shows for the whole family. I’m sure her friends would love watching it with her too.

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants is an animation series that revolves around the adventures and mishaps of best friends George and Harold. It shows how friends can work together and help each other out in times of trouble. The show is also loaded with juvenile humor that will make your home ring with kiddie laughter throughout the show.

If you want a friendship flick for your kids then the Next Gen is also a good movie to watch. It is my daughter’s current favourite and other kids love it too. The story deals with the unlikely friendship formed between a girl and a top secret robot. This Netflix movie also has intense and action-packed adventures that can keep the kids glued to their seats. Both Captain Underpants and Next Gen are great options for kiddie breaks on play dates.

I’m lucky to have lasting friendships with my childhood BFFs. As such, I would also like my children to have such treasures in their life. Let us teach our kids about the value of true friendship and guide them in building lasting relationships.

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  1. Aica Jellaine A. Mora
    October 14, 2018 / 2:16 pm

    Having a bff/s that lasts forever because of the memories,togetherness,the bond and lastly its like a sisterhood.Its just so inspiring to see those kind of friendship.And yes kung anu man po ang makita ng ating mga anak sa atin bilang mga parents nila ay siya ring kanilang titingalain😊..Nakakainspire po yung mga kagaya nyo po na mga mommies mam K.

  2. Love Compoc
    October 16, 2018 / 1:32 pm

    I have some friends and we remain close til now. I have some too from elementary days and still connected online. I must admit, after being a sahm, i rarely go out without tagging along my kids esp my breastfeed babies. There are times i refuse to their invitations, ung mga close friends from college turned kumare – kumpare’s😅 They used to visit me /us but that was long time ago.

    Thanks for sharing this blog, i am reminded to get connections wd them despite having busy schedule at home wd kids. And im thankful too kasi this blog talks about kids too of nurturing friendship. Minsan kasi i dont let my eldest 9yrs old to hang out more often wd playmates/classmates. Pero i let him play outside wd them naman.

    That movie is nice, my kids would love to watch this including my 4yrs old daughter.
    Thanks for the wonderful blog Ms K😊

  3. Cris Vergara
    October 16, 2018 / 1:34 pm

    Wow ang galing naman po. Tama po kayu bihira na lang po talaga yung mga ganyan yung nagtatagal ang frienship. Nakakabilib naman po kayu.Ganyan din po ako sa anak ko. Pero sinisigurado kong kilala ko yung mga sasamahan nyang mga kaibigan nya at alam ko kung saan din sila pupunta. Masaya kasi yung feeling ng merong true friends .

  4. Cielo Jonna
    October 18, 2018 / 2:18 pm

    Namiss ko tuloy ang mga bff ko nung high school 😥

  5. Aiza Gregorio
    October 19, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Iba talaga pag may mga tunay kang kaibigan.. Yun bff ko ang layo na min sa isat isa pero ang communication andun padin.. Yun nga lang tagal nadin kami hindi nagkikita.. Namiss ko tuloy siya.. Yes Ms. K tinuturo ko din po yan sa anak ko na dapat ay hindi siya suplada para marami siyang maging kaibigan..

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