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I am no different from parents who always want the best for their children. As such, I am always ready to give 100% of my love and support for my daughter. We try to give her whatever she wants as long as it will be for her own good and of course only if we can afford it. Young children like my daughter often have varied interests as they start to explore their skills and talents. It is up to us parents to help them discover and develop their hidden talents. This is what led me to The Voice Academy of the Philippines (VAP).

The Voice Academy Studio in Riverbanks Mall, Marikina City

I didn’t want my daughter to simply discover her talents I want her to enhance it. It is also my wish for her to always be motivated in improving her craft because I know it will make her a better person in the future. To do this, I enrolled her in several workshops like dancing, modelling and other similar activities. Not only did she enjoy her workshop experiences, she also gained friends from it. To continue her journey to self discovery, I enrolled her in The Voice Academy of the Philippines Inc. for some voice lessons. It is an outstanding music school based in Marikina City. The academy has been in the business of discovering and developing talents for about twenty years already. This gives me confidence in their ability to help my daughter improve her singing skills.

Aside from voice lessons, The Voice Academy of the Philippines Inc. (VAP) also has a wide range of services to cater to the varied interests of young kids and aspiring artists. These include lessons in dancing, instrument courses, ballet, zumba, mixed martial arts, and recording services. VAP has been training hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals in the field of music for two decades. More than 26,000 students have already discovered and honed their talents in this school. But I must say, singing is their strongest suit. As their owner Bhinky Sarajan-Reyes says “As long as you can talk, you can sing and VAP is here to realize your dream.”

President and Founder of The Voice Academy of the Philippines Inc., Bhinky Sarajan-Reyes

The Voice Academy doesn’t just teach you how to sing, they train you to perform. VAP has been producing “The Voice Campus Edition” since 1997, an Annual Inter-school Solo Singing Competition, which was conceptualized and produced by the President and Founder of The Voice Academy of the Philippines Inc., Bhinky Reyes. Bhinky was very much hands on with her project and her students which shows just how passionate she is in her craft. The competition began staging on April of 1997 and has become one of the most successful shows in the history of local competition since then. For an exceptional nineteen consecutive years, from 1997 up to the 2017 competition, both the performances and the audience reach had been proven to be at the number one rank in social media.

Here are some of the awards they received:
2003 National Consumers Choice Award
2004 Asia Pacific Excellence Award
2006 Global Excellence Award
2016 Global Excellence Award
2016 Phil. Social Media Award
The Voice Campus Edition 2018 Can you spot Keisha?

Another thing that I appreciated about VAP is their commitment to learning and training. The Academy in partnership with the Marikina City government has granted scholarship funding to underprivileged individuals from 2001 to present.

Keisha Figuracion
Keisha Figuracion

After my daughter’s stint at the Academy, I really noticed a huge improvement on her. Honestly, I never considered my daughter as a singer. Although she knows how to carry a tune, her voice is not exactly “singer quality”. I was sure glad with my decision to enrol her in voice lessons.  Aside from the improved voice quality, she now has a confidence in performing in front of other people, especially on stage. I guess this is the result you get when parents give their full support to their child. Lessons or workshops can teach children new skills but it is the encouragement of parents, teachers, and peers that boosts their confidence.

Your kids may not be born singers, dancers, or musicians but they can always learn to be one. The Voice Academy of the Philippines helped my daughter discover that she can confidently sing on stage. You can also help your kids grow by exploring the training and services offered in the academy.

Enroll your kids now and please don’t forget to say “hi” to me and Keisha when you see us at VAP! =)

The Voice Academy of the Philippines
Contact Number: (02) 248 6892
Studios: 1. Riverbanks Studio, Riverbanks Center Marikina City
2. CnB Mall, Marikina Heights

To know more about the services they offer, you may contact them thru their Facebook Page:

  1. Thanks for sharing this to us Mommy K. You have a very talented girl..When i finally saw her sa party, she is pretty and smart? No wonder because youve been her supporter talaga which is good kasi as parents tayo tlaga ang unang magpapakita ng support. Nakikta ko rin vids nya sa yt, she’s really good and nakakproud siya. Gusto ko yang doesnt just teach how to sing but perfom too. And look at her, she is blooming into someone na gusto nya. My kids have some talents too and still trying to know where tlaga ang pinaka gusto nila as ika nga mrami tayu nakikitang talents nila? Galing mo Mommy?

  2. Kaya pala ang ganda ng boses ni keisha Ms, kaye.. Yun anak. Kong panganay mahilig din kumanta.. Meron ba silang ibang branch Ms. K mesyo malayo samin ang Marikina.. Ok yan kasi habang bata palang naeexpress na nila ang talent nila..

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