Get Gorgeous Eyes with Air Optix Colors Christmas Promo

People usually want to look their best when attending social events especially during the holidays. This means planning your outfits, hairstyle, and make-up for every party. But if you want to explore a fresh look this season, then Air Optix Colors may have something for you. Instead of just clothes and make-up, you can now let your beauty shine through gorgeous eyes.

Wearing Air Optix Colors in Pure Hazel

Why hide your face in prescription glasses when you can wear contact lenses to parties? Air Optix technology offers comfort, breathability, and beauty in their lenses.  Thus, you can be comfortable and confident in wearing your contacts anytime anywhere. You can make your eyes look even better with Air Optix Colors contact lenses. These are monthly replacement contact lenses that are available in nine colours. You can choose from shades of pure hazel, brown, blue, grey, and green for subtle enhancements. But if you want bold and striking looks then go for shades like brilliant blue, sterling grey, honey, and gemstone green.

These lenses are designed for fashion savvy consumers but even the fashion conservatives can give it a go. You’d be surprised at how a simple change in eye color can enhance your look. With the right shade of contact lenses, your eyes alone can make a lasting impression. According to Dr. Jeanette Romualdez-Oo, Professional Affairs Consultant of Alcon Vision Care, Air Optix Colors makes use of the breakthrough 3-in-1 FreshLook® COLORBLENDS technology. It mimics the subtle color blend of the iris thereby allowing each unique color to gently blend with your eye color. This results to attractive and natural-looking effect to enhance your eyes.

We often look at a person’s eyes when conversing with them which is why having beautiful eyes is an asset. Air Optix can do this for you even if you don’t need vision correction. However, it is always advisable to consult an eye care professional before wearing any type of lens for your eyes. Your eye care professional can also advise you on care instructions for your eyes and the lenses. Other than that, there is no stopping you from letting your eyes speak for your fashion style this holiday season.


Take advantage of the Air Optix Colors Christmas Promo and get gorgeous eyes in an instant. Simply buy 3 packs of Air Optix Clear contact lenses and get 1 pair of Air Optix Color free! You may also enjoy a 15 minute brow consultation in BenefitPH when you buy a pair of Air Optix Colors from selected optical clinics. Get more promo details by visiting the AirOptix fan page or IG account @airoptixPH.

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