Shop for Meaningful Gifts at National Bookstore this Christmas Season

Gifts that come from the heart are always the best gifts. Sadly, some people tend to lose the true meaning of gift giving during the Christmas rush. But this doesn’t have to be the case when you can find meaningful gifts at National Bookstore. Last December 1, I was invited to a shopping party to prove that you can find gifts that matter amidst the rush. It doesn’t matter how long your list is or how tight your budget is, you’ll find what you need at NBS.  These are my discoveries in my #MeaningfulChristmaswithNBS experience.

 When it comes to gift giving, children are often at the top of our list during Christmas Season. And there is nothing more that kids would love to get than toys! But nowadays we all have to be prudent in choosing toys for kids. Aside from safety and age appropriateness, it would also be great if kids can learn from their toys. This makes educational toys ideal for gift giving this season. I didn’t have to look far because the signages pointed me straight to a nice selection of educational toys that would fit the interests of the kids on my list. Who would think that it would be easy to find great toys in a bookstore right? Also remember that when you give a child an educational toy, it shows that you care about their growth and their future.

Aside from educational toys there are also gift bundles that offer best value for your money at NBS. You don’t have to rack your brains for gift ideas because you can find 100 great gifts to get at the NBS Christmas Zone. There are exclusive items, holiday specials, etc. that you can get within the range of Php100 to Php1,000. 

100 Great Gifts to Give
Gifts priced at P100 and below
Gifts priced at P300 and below
Gifts priced at P500 and below

 If you have a bookworm on your list, then it shouldn’t be hard to find meaningful gifts at National Bookstore. Books of the year, exclusives, and bestsellers are on display to make shopping easier for you. There are storybooks and activity books for kids, novels, devotion, and inspirational books for adults that you can choose from. All you have to do is decide on which book would be meaningful for your recipient.

Books of the Year

Even the simplest gift can be made more meaningful when you have it customized. Taking time to personalize your gifts show that you also give value or importance to the recipient.  You can easily have this done with your gifts for officemates and young professionals. National Bookstore has pens, journals, totes, pouches, etc. that can be customized for you.  A nice pen with a design that suits your recipient’s taste or personality can be an instant favourite. But it will be more special when you have his/her name engraved in it. Just head to the NBS Gift Bar and have your gift items personalized.

Finding gifts for everyone on your list should be easy once you get to the gift zone. Here you can find gift items arranged according to budget and recipient. Gifts are categorized as for family, for officemates, for your special someone etc. Look for items that appeal to either the practical or sentimental side of your recipient to make your gifts meaningful this Christmas.

Gifts for your Family
Gifts for your Officemates
Gifts for your Friends
Gifts for your Special Someone

Then make it more special by having it wrapped in the NBS Giftwrapping Zone. Here you get to choose everything from the wrapper to the wrapping style. As such, you don’t have to just make do with what’s available. Your gift is wrapped and presented just the way you want it.

NBS Giftwrapping Zone

5-Step Easy Wrapping Guide:

1. Choose your wrapper.
2. Choose your washi tape.
3. Choose your ribbon.
4. Choose your tag.
5. Choose your wrapping style.

Can’t decide what you want to give your friends and loved ones this Christmas? Then perhaps and NBS gift card can be your meaningful gift this year. This is perfect for a practical recipient but probably not for those who are sentimental at heart. Giving a gift card gives your recipient a free hand to choose an item or items that they truly want. It may seem to be a thoughtless gift but if you add a heartfelt message to it, your gift card becomes a gift from the heart. A gift that simply says I want to give you something that makes you happy.


Shopping for meaningful gifts at National Bookstore has a lot of perks. Aside from the ease and convenience in shopping, there are also promos and freebies that you can get. Shoppers can avail of a FREE NBS Gift Sack for every purchase worth Php1,000.


With barely a month to go before the big day everyone is in a rush. But I hope this doesn’t stop you from giving gifts that matter. If you don’t have time to visit any of the 235 NBS branches nationwide, then you can simply shop online at You may also call their Delivery Hotline at 8888-NBS (627) to place your orders.



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