Client Gifts You Should Consider for Your Startup

Your clients are the people that keep your business, in business. And while they may thank you for your hard work on the regular— when’s the last time you took a moment to show them how much you appreciate them? If you’re looking for a way to show your clients you value their business, check out these amazing client gifts that are meaningful, and startup budget friendly!

For the eco-conscious client

If your client is busy trying to save the world one recyclable at a time, consider getting them one of these eco-conscious gifts to inspire their efforts. The best part? These gifts are functional for any one of your clients, whether they consider themselves an environmental warrior or not!

  • Reusable Swag: Many states are putting bans in effect for single use straws and plastic bags in an effort to reduce waste from disposable items. In states like California, businesses are required to charge 10 cents if customers want a paper or plastic bag. So why not gift your client a cute reusable tote bag to cart their groceries or their office essentials with them easily! Or if their office is full of coffee drinkers, gift them a set of custom straws and a bag of their favorite coffee.
  • Something Green: An office plant is a great gift that lasts long after you deliver it to your client’s door. For something low-maintenance, opt for a plant of the desert variety like a succulent. If they’ve got a trendy look in their office space, a fiddle leaf fig is definitely the way to go.

For the workaholic client

This client is always on-the-go. They’re constantly moving from meeting to meeting with few moments of rest in between. And while they’d love resources to make their life easier or a little more relaxing, they might not be the type to go out and buy it for themselves. So why not do it for them?

  • Office Supplies: If you’re looking for a way to help your client be more organized or productive, tell them gently with a calendar or a cute notebook that they’ll be excited to use. And who doesn’t love a new set of pens?
  • The Gift of Relaxation: Think your client needs a serious dose of R&R? Encourage them to take a moment to themselves and set them up with a spa gift basket full of face masks, Epsom salts, and essential oils to help them unwind after a stressful day. Want to take your gift-giving to the next level? Gift them a subscription to a wine club and have amazing bottles delivered right to their door!


For the charitable organization

Is your client a non-profit organization? Try one of these gifts to make them really feel appreciated!

  • A Donation: If your client’s organization runs on charitable donations, consider making a donation in your company’s name to show them you care about their cause and value their business. Plus, depending on the organization it could provide tax benefits for your company— it’s a win-win!
  • Your Time: Whether you offer some pro bono work or volunteer at one of their events, your client will truly appreciate you and your staff taking a moment to better understand their organization and your generosity.

For the foodie client

Maybe your foodie client is always recommending the coolest new restaurant in town, or perhaps they’re constantly whipping up genius culinary creations of their own. If this sounds like them, consider one of these culinary-centric gifts to satiate their appetite.

  • Lunch, On Us!: Maybe you take your client out for business lunches on occasion, but for this gift, you’ll want to make lunch very special. Take their whole team out for a nice meal of their choice.
  • Cooking Class: You probably spend most of your time with your client discussing business matters— but if you want to build a strong professional connection that lasts, it’s important to get to know them a little better. Take your team and their team out for a cooking class to spend some time together outside of the office learning something new!

In conclusion

Giving your client a thoughtful gift every once in a while is important, but don’t just wait until Customer Appreciation Day (April 18th) to say “thank you.” Make these two words a part of your daily vocabulary and you’re sure to keep great clients for a long time!


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