5 Things You Can Do Today To Mitigate the Water Bottle Problem

You decide to go green so that you can save the world for future generations. You are making sure that every product you use in your home is healthy for everyone in your household and friendly to the environment. You are moving in the right direction!

However, you have one problem;

Everyone in your home needs to take about five bottles of water each. Despite of buying the best water bottle, mitigating the plastic problem is proving to be a near impossibility, and you are almost giving up on this green living thing.

Not so fast…

Below, we have put together five practical things you can do to reduce this problem. Read on!

  1. Stop buying plastic water bottles!

Is there a study that proves using a water bottle to drink water is the best option? The answer to this question is straightforward; certainly not ! Therefore, why should you be disturbed by a problem that you can avoid from the word go?

Avoid buying bottled water. When you are at home or work, drink water from the tap or fountain, something that will save you some bucks, and at the same time do not harm Mother Nature. If you are a cyclist, or you don’t consider tap water safe, buy a sustainable reusable stainless steel insulated water bottle that is reusable.

2. Recycle!

Every day, you drink water from your water bottles and throw them into the recycle bin, with the belief that they will be recycled. Unfortunately, less than 20% of the billions of plastic bottles disposed of every day are recycled.

Instead of tossing the bottles you use at home or in your business in the recycle bin and moving on with life, why don’t you go a step further and ensure that they are actually recycled for the sake of the ecosystem?

3. Ban them!

Even if you adapt a healthy living and keep buying plastic bottles for yourself, there is no way that you will compel others to follow suit. Therefore, you need to take a bold step and ban these bottles from your home or workplace.

Of course, you might feel that this will not do much for the environment, but at least you will have played your part in mitigating the plastic problem that has become a thorny issue all over the globe.

4. Place a water filter in the fridge

This is simple, but one of the best ways to discourage people in your office or household from using a plastic water bottle. One filter can replace over 300, 16.9-ounce water bottles, which is great. The good news is, you will achieve a great taste without wasting energy and other natural resources used in the production of plastic water bottles.

Opt for carbon filters, which will remove odours and unwanted tastes, and give you fresh, spring-like water every day.

5. Educate everyone on the dangers of plastic water bottles

The reason most people use plastic water bottles is because they don’t understand the danger they have to the environment. Therefore, one thing that can help mitigate the plastic bottle problem is by creating awareness. Be on the forefront in educating people why they need to opt for other alternatives that are more environmentally-friendly, such as reusable water bottles. Tell them why it is important to reuse, and what can happen if the trash finds itself in landfills or the ocean.

You can do this in your neighbourhood, or the workplace. To reach out to more people, you can start an online campaign that will sensitize people to adopt a green lifestyle that will help preserve Mother Nature and everything in it for centuries to come. All the best!

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