Baby Company Buckle Up Baby Drive Promotes Child Passenger Safety

As a mother I am always happy to support initiatives that promote children’s welfare. This is why I didn’t hesitate to take part in the Baby Company Buckle Up Baby Drive last May 10. It was the biggest child car seat caravan in SM Mall of Asia which aims to promote child safety while on the road. In case you haven’t heard, RA 11229 or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act is already decreed. It is in support of this mandate that Baby Company launched an awareness campaign on improving child passenger safety.

We definitely got plenty of insights on child safety during the event. For instance, did you know that vehicular accidents are now the second leading cause of death among kids aged 0 to 17? According to the Department of Health statistics this is indeed the case today. Hearing about this made me want to revisit our car safety practices as a family. The RA11229 specifies that a child under the age of 12 must be placed on a proper child restraint system. I’m pretty sure we meet this requirement because putting the seatbelt on is our number one rule before driving off. However, it further states that the restraint system must be appropriate to the child’s age, height, weight, and approved in accordance with the law. This means that a seatbelt won’t suffice for small kids, toddlers, and babies. Luckily the Buckle Up Baby Drive is able to provide us with a car seat guide along with a wide selection of child car seats to choose from.

Child car seats are grouped according to a child’s age, weight, and length to make it easier for parents to find the right fit. Standard groupings for these car seats are as follows:

Group 0:              From birth up to 4-6 years old and with a weight of 0 – 25kg.

Group 1:              From birth up to 12 years old and with a weight up to 36kg.

Group 2:              9 months to 12 years old and with a weight of 9 to 36kg.

Group 3:              4 years old to 12 years old and from 15-36kg.

Chicco Car Seats

Picolo Car Seats

Graco Car Seats
Aprica Car Seats
Joie Car Seat

Aside from the size and fit of a car seat, one must also check for quality and safety standards in choosing a car seat for your children especially babies. Good quality car seat will not just keep your child safe but also comfortable during the ride. This is why Baby Company partnered with the world’s leading child car seat brands to serve their customers. Chicco, Joie, Picolo, Graco, Maxi-Cosi, and Aprica are brands easily recognized by customers who go for quality products. Aside from a great showcase of their products, these brands also share their expertise in finding the best car seats for your kids. I hope that parents will take their car seat shopping seriously because according to the World Health Organization, a car seat can reduce the risk of death and injuries in road crashes by up to 70% among infants and 54% to 80% among young children.

I am glad that the Child Safety in Motor Vehicle Act is enacted already. This way every motor vehicle driver and rider becomes more conscious of ensuring the safety of child passengers. The Baby Company Buckle Up Baby Drive made us aware of some of the provisions affecting car passengers but we must do our part in learning about the other provisions if we truly want our kids to be safe in their travels. For now, it is important to ensure that our babies are safe during their travels. So if you don’t have a proper child seat yet then better head to Baby Company and get one. If you have one already, please check if fits the specifications mandated by the law.


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  1. Michele de Guia Ereño
    July 30, 2019 / 4:16 pm

    I’m gonna share this blogpost with my sister this would be very helpful coz she is planning to buy a car seat for my nephew. We just check Baby Company last Saturday for the car seats so many options to choose from.

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