Best Fun Things to do in Perth with Kids

The motherhood journey is undoubtedly an exciting one. It goes all the way from predicting the gender of the baby, shopping for the cutest maternity dresses for photo shoot and watching the harmless little kicks from your unborn baby. The list is endless. The feeling is unexplainable and amazing.

Now, after delivering your bundle of joy, things start to get real. Hosting parties has become a norm.  There are numerous kids party entertainers and Perth and the numbers are growing with demand each day. As your kids get older, the fun does not stop. You begin creating a bucket list with them in mind. If you are an enthusiastic traveller and you look to instil some of that spice in your kids, the best destination to start with is Perth. Why would this be the perfect place to take your kids?

Perth is a mix of everything amazing, educational and fun, and it’s a place you would wish your kids to visit. Below are some of the best things you can do with them in this amazing place:

1 Oasis Supa Golf and Adventure Putt

Away with the same old visits to the zoo. Your kids would love something different and more exciting this time around. They have been to many giraffe centers already. The catch with going to the Oasis Supa Golf and Adventure Putt is that it will offer you and your kids the perfect time to bond: over something that you will both find exciting. Golfing at Supa Gold will give you a different feel from the traditional golfing as the golfing equipment is modified for a better and more enjoyable experience. Apart from golf, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Swan Valley.

2. Visit Danjoo Interwoven Exhibition

When you are visiting Perth with your kids, it is also their chance of learning the different cultures in the world. Danjoo-Interwoven is an event that seeks to celebrate the culture, language and artistic works of Aboriginal artists from Australia. It is both fun and educational event that your kids will really enjoy.

If your kids are into arts, there is no better place for them to get inspiration.

3. The Nostalgia Box- Video game console museum

Your kids will love you for this! The Nostalgia box game console museum is a globally recognized museum with more than 100 consoles at your disposal. The best part is that they represent the evolution of consoles ranging from the 1970s to date.

Your kids will not get enough of the hundreds of games available. Do not be surprised if they suggest spending their entire vacation at The Nostalgia Box.

4. Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

Why not treat your kids to the view of the most beautiful garden in Western Australia? That is Kings Park. If you are training your young one to be sensitive about nature and what it has got to offer, this is indeed the direction to look. Worried that your kid could get bored with the views? Do not despair. There are also tons of activities that your child could engage in.

The Rio Tinto Naturescape offers the kids hours of outdoor play. They will not get enough! Kids love trees. How about a walk among the treetops at the LotteryWest Federation Walkaway? It is an experience that will make them nag for another visit.


A trip is never complete if you have not gone aqua. As the name suggests, AQWA is a place where you and your kids will get to enjoy the best of aquatic life. And the most exciting part is that it will be an underwater trip! If you fancy the beach life, you also get the chance to walk along the coast and enjoy a pleasant breeze. Touch pools are also things that kids enjoy. There is plenty of them at AQWA.

6.  Hillary’s Area

More fun on the water. Hillary’s Area offers the best spot for boat riding and paddling with your kids. The place will also provide your kids with fantastic swimming experience and the best of it all: the most delicious food in Perth!

Nothing beats experience. A trip with the kids is great for relaxation and the overall health of both you and your kids. As you look to explore Perth, remember to always carry a camera with you. You cannot afford not to capture the moments!

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