Cindy Lotuaco-Ejercito: Cancer Survivor and Inspiration in JV Ejercito’s push for the Cancer Control Bill

As a former model, it is not surprising that a lot of people admire the beauty of Cindy Lotuaco-Ejercito. But there is more to this beautiful woman than meets the eye. She is a supportive wife to senatorial candidate JV Ejercito, loving mom to her son Julio, and a Cancer Survivor. Just by looking at her it’s hard to believe that she fought a battle against cancer and won! This made me want to get to know her more during our luncheon at Mary Grace Café.

Miss Cindy shared with us her cancer ordeals and how she got through with it.  When one has cancer you don’t just face the physical and emotional tolls that comes with the ailment, there are also financial aspects to consider. Even with their family’s social status Cindy and JV still found the cost of medications to be a bit too much. Add to that the possibility that the treatment may not work and you’ve got a formula for despair. Luckily Miss Cindy has a positive disposition and the thought of her son growing up without a mom kept her going. With the help of her family and friends, she was able to stay positive through her ordeal and survive it.

It was actually this experience that prompted Senatorial re-electionist JV Ejercito to push for the National Integrated Cancer Control Act. This law mandates the creation of a Philippine Cancer Center to encourage cancer research and training for medical professionals. A Cancer assistance fund is also created under this law thus making it easier for underprivileged and marginalized Filipinos to get access to medications and treatment. Another Bill that helps the Filipino masses get better access to health care is the Universal Health Care Bill which according to Sen. JV Ejercito can address the gaps in cancer care. The Universal Health Care Bill is also authored by JV Ejercito.

Miss Cindy has always stood at her husband’s side throughout his political career. Now she served as an inspiration for her husband to push for a law that will benefit Filipinos for generations to come. By the way did you know that JV Ejercito has passed 79 laws and authored 572 bills in the senate? I suppose with her recent bout with cancer, the Cancer Control Act and the Universal Health Care Bill sits closest to Miss Cindy’s heart. The woes of cancer can easily zap the hope out of patients and make them susceptible to giving in to the disease. At the very least, the Cancer Control Act and the Universal Health Care Bill can give hope to underprivileged cancer patients. Giving patients easy access and assistance for treatment and medications lightens the burden of their cancer ailments.

After surviving cancer, Miss Cindy began to appreciate time, family, and friends even more. As such she makes sure that she spends a lot of quality time with family and friends despite her busy schedule. Right now she is busy supporting her husband’s senate re-election bid. 

Speaking of the coming election, I hope you’ll be wise-enough to choose the leaders who are passionate in helping the Filipino people. Leaders who fully understand and obey the Constitution. Let’s not be swayed by their media presence and tv commercial jingles. And, please no to plunderers!

I hope you’ll take time to read this post and somehow find in your heart that a good family man like JV Ejercito deserves a seat in the Senate.


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