Maria Health: Give The Gift of Health with this Online Health Platform

My mom has been my rock all these years. With all the hardships that I’ve been through, she stayed with me and loved me to the fullest that she can. On this special day, I want to honor and thank her for the guidance and for loving me all these years.

While I cannot repay her with all the care she has given me, the best thing that I can give her this Mother’s Day is the gift of health. And just in time, I discovered Maria Health.

Maria Health is an online one-stop-shop health platform that provides simple and easy to access plans.

It is the brainchild of Chinese-American entrepreneur Vincent Lau, who left a startup in Silicon Valley to tackle a severe problem he saw in the Philippines: healthcare. It’s estimated that only 5% of the Philippines’s 100 million population are medically insured because of lack of access to providers. The platform set out to solve this problem by inviting some of the country’s top providers such as Maxicare, PhilCare, and AsianLife to pool their healthcare plans online where they can reach everyone. 

In 2018, Maria Health marked an important milestone having welcomed half a million visitors to the site and having served over 14,000 customers since its launch, which include freelancers, overseas workers, business owners, health enthusiasts, and mothers. Its market continues to grow driven by the platform’s commitment to impact at least 1 million Filipino lives.

Maria Health has revolutionized the healthcare shopping experience by offering you the ability to pull plans beside each other and compare which fit your needs and budget best.

For comprehensive plans, you can instantly get a free unbiased proposal from experts by simply answering a few questions. The proposal contains the best possible options you can enroll yourself, your family, or your business to.

Meanwhile, for prepaid plans, you can choose from Maria Health’s wide range of packages and bundles covering emergency care, diagnostic exams, and doctor consultations to name a few.

In case you’re confused or have questions, Maria Health always has a team of people ready to help you via chat or email.

Simply put, you can find and shop for a plan that fits your health needs in just a few clicks.

You can learn more and shop for the right health plan for you and your love one just like the one that I’ll be giving my mom by visiting



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