New Cetaphil Baby Cleansing Bar for Toddlers

Recently, I was introduced to Cetaphil Baby’s newest product which is the Cetaphil Baby Cleansing Bar. It’s not a secret how much I love Cetaphil products, hence, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I received an invite to attend the launch and know the details of this new product. The launch was held at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel with a whimsical playroom-themed venue where the kids had fun while mommies took part in the program hosted by Patty Laurel-Filart.

Cetaphil Baby products are part of our daily hygiene essentials for years more so now that we have a baby boy. As to my eldest, Keisha, I only use my trusted baby wash on her since the day she was born up to this moment. Back in the days when Cetaphil Baby wasn’t available, I use their Gentle Cleanser for Keisha. I am skeptical to use bar soaps on her because I know how soaps strip off the moisture on the skin and I want to preserve her baby soft and smooth skin. I’m afraid that her skin’s texture will change the moment I’ll use a soap bar. For the record, she’s 9 years of age and I still use baby wash on her everyday. Not until, I found Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar. I’ll be sharing Keisha’s wonderful experience on a different blog post.

Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar gently cleanses with its hypoallergenic formula without stripping or drying skin, leaving your baby’s skin soft and smooth. Like regular soap, it blends into a rich lather to deal with dirt and sweat. It is dedicated to expert care for your baby’s delicate skin, recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians for toddlers.

Cetaphil Baby Cleansing Bar Launch

During the launch, Dr. Mara Padilla Evangelista-Huber, a renowned dermatologist and soon-to-be mom shared her expertise about pediatric skincare and how to take care of toddlers’ skin.

Celebrity moms Mariel Padilla and Andi Manzano-Reyes also shared the challenges of raising toddlers. We can see their mommy journey on their respective social media sites where they share snippets of their lives. Isabella Padilla and Olivia Reyes are both adorable toddlers that are playful yet very sweet little ones. Both toddlers use the new Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar in their bath time regimen. Now, they get to experience the same gentle cleansing in a bath bar format especially formulated for toddlers.

According to Ms. Abe Mationg, Brand Manager of Cetaphil Baby, Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar is their way of growing with the babies who started with their signature brand of gentle cleansing. They want to give every toddler the right foundation for a healthy skin to ensure that it is protected, now and in the future.

The new product is meant to be added to a toddler’s shower regimen, gives them the chance to learn about hygiene without exposing their delicate skin to harsh ingredients. Use it with other products such as the Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion to form the perfect skincare routine—it’s the healthy start that baby skin deserves.

My fellow bloggers and I learned a lot about proper skincare for toddlers. We even shared some tips and tricks on raising our kids. It was indeed a delightful night filled with sumptuous food and new learnings.

Please watch out for my review of the Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar. Keisha is in love with this product.

Thank you so much Cetaphil Baby for having me!

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  1. Safest product for babies and grown ups.
    This is perfect for my grandson, he uses the moisturizing bath and wash. Now we can try the soap. Plus, I really like the smell of it.

  2. I love cethapil tlga i used Already the cethapel cleanser Ganda ng result ng face,Pati lotion it mosturizes tlga andsoap ni baby hanep. Ganda ng products tlga..

  3. Sana pag naka luwag luwag na kami after this Quarantine sana mabilhan ko ang mga anak ko nang cetaphil ? matagal ko nang pangarap yan sa knila kaso di pa talaga afford grabe talaga kse ang good feedback sa product na yan ang lakas maka akit ?

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