Toys”R”Us Bring Toys Back to Life Campaign: A Benefit for Scholars and Moms Too!

As a leading toy retail brand, Toys”R”Us recognizes the value of toys in educating children. And it seems that this recognition goes beyond face value because they now make use of discarded toys as a tool to provide education for the underprivileged. This is through the Toys”R”Us Bring Toys Back to Life Campaign which was recently launched at Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces.

There are campaigns that I appreciate more than others and the Toys”R”Us Bring Toys Back to Life Campaign is one of them. The campaign is a call for people to donate pre-loved toys via select Toys”R”Us branches to help support the Caritas Manila Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program.

The donated toys will be brought back to life or reconditioned and sold via Caritas Segunda Mana Outlets. Earnings from the campaign will be used to fund the college education of the Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP) Scholars of Caritas Manila. It sounds like just another toy drive then I realized that this campaign doesn’t just benefit the scholars but the donors and the environment too.
Bring Toys Back to Life offers practical benefits for donors because it gives us a meaningful venue to dispose old toys that our kids no longer play with. You get to de-clutter the house and while helping others too. Now is a great time to give your playroom or toy storage a dose of Marie Kondo. Just think of how much your old toys can contribute to the scholars’ education fund. It is also quite comforting to know that the toys won’t just end up in landfills or in the ocean. The fact that they are going to be restored to their old glory means that someone else gets to enjoy the toys instead of just adding to the garbage pollution.

Another thing that I appreciated during the event is the Toy Restoration Workshop wherein I got to work side by side with Toys”R”Us Heroes, volunteers, YSLEP scholars, and Presidents of Play Kianna and Aleksi in bringing old toys back to life. We worked side by side in placing batteries, checking, assembling, cleaning, and tagging toys to get them ready for selling. You really can’t go wrong with quality brands so I suggest you stick to the original when it comes to buying toys especially with educational toys.

P250,000 was initially donated to Caritas Manila during the kick-off event.

Perhaps the best take-away that I got from the Toys”R”Us Bring Toys Back to Life campaign is being reminded of the life lessons that I want to share with my kids.  One is to make the most out of your education because sadly not everyone is privileged to have one. Another is that each one of us has the capacity to help even without money. Oftentimes charity or donation is equated with monetary contribution but the workshop with volunteers show that giving your time or service is also a form of charity. Lastly, kindness or generosity cannot be quantified, simply do what you can to help and that is enough.

The Toys”R”Us Bring Toys Back to Life campaign runs from July 1 to November 30, 2019. You can learn more about the campaign by visiting the Toys”R”Us website or facebook page

List of Toys “R” Us participating branches:
Metro East
Shangri-La Plaza
Power Plant Mall
South Park
Century City
Alabang Town Center
Las Piñas
U.P. Town Center
Fairview Terraces
Harbor Point
Uptown Mall BGC
Greenbelt 5
The 30th


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