What to Expect at Eatogether Food Hall Capitol Commons

Dining out with family and friends is a bonding activity that most Filipinos enjoy. This is not surprising because it seems that we are far from running out of dining destinations that allow you to enjoy the food and dining experience as a whole. In fact we recently visited a newly opened food hall at Capitol Commons, the Eatogether Food Hall. It is indeed a great place to eat together with friends or family and explore a mix of International cuisine.

There are several things that make EatTogether stand out from other food courts and dining halls. First is the lighting and interiors that gives it a sort of upscale look. It actually reminded me of Vikings Restaurant, only to find out later that Vikings is indeed behind this food hall. In terms of size, the dining area is big enough to accommodate over a hundred guests. It’s not hard to imagine after office crowds filling the tables on a Friday night.

Another nice thing about it is the food selection. There are 8 food stalls offering a variety of dishes from western and Asian cuisine. These include:

·         The Salad Station gives you a healthy selection of fresh greens and the likes.

·         Hawker Lane features Chinese and Asian cuisine.

·         Secret Chicken offers a variety of crispy chicken dishes.

·         Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu Express for piping hot dishes served at your table.

·         L’Italiano takes care of your pizza and pasta cravings.

·         Mien Bao dishes out dimsum and noodles for their specialty.

·         Just Steak a Minute has Sizzling Steaks and Grilled Salmon fresh off the grill.

·         Jeepney Avenue for those who can’t do without their favorite Filipino dishes like Crispy Pata and Beef Pares.

Dishes are prepared as you order which sort of guarantees its freshness. Aside from the food stalls there is also a beverage bar that serves both non-alcohol and alcoholic drinks. Those who prefer canned or bottled drinks need not worry because these are also available at the bar. As you can see there is something for everyone to enjoy when you dine together at EatTogether. If there was one dilemma that I experienced, I’d say it’s in choosing what to eat. There were so many dishes that I wanted to try but it won’t be good for my health if I indulge in hefty servings of various dishes. However, this wouldn’t be much of a challenge if you’re dining with a group of friends because you can order dishes you like and share it with friends.

Another thing I liked about EatTogether Food Hall is the convenient mode of payment. You don’t have to take your wallet out or count bills whenever you order from a stall because all transactions are cashless. All you have to do is get a Vikings Reward Card and load it with a minimum of Php200. However if plan to go on a food binge I suggest you up your load to at least Php1000. Then all you have to do is tap and eat.

Nice interiors, great food, and reasonable prices make EatTogether a great dining destination for us. Add the appeal of the cashless mode of payment and the deal is sealed. This food hall is now on our list of frequent dining destinations.

Eatogether Food Hall
2nd Floor Unimart at Capital Commons,
Meralco Ave., cor. Shaw Blvd., Pasig City
(02) 277-5777

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  1. DeborahMakonorchucks
    August 16, 2019 / 8:17 pm

    Wow… I feel like have been there. It exciting reading this article. I love the part about the cashless mode of payment. Looking forward to eat secret chicken (smiling)

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