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If you love to travel, either alone or with friends or loved ones, then you know how hard it is to find a place to stay, right? Isn’t it nice to enter a hotel room that looks and smell fresh and clean? But how sure are we that the hotel room is truly clean in the truest sense of the word?

Yes, before we plan our staycation, there are a lot of factors that we have to consider when we choose a place to stay so we can fully enjoy our staycation. Comfort, cleanliness and convenience are three of the topmost priorities that must be well thought of, aside from the price, of course.

For the information of everybody, a hotel room that smells fresh and clean does not necessarily mean that it is free of sickness-causing germs or chemicals. FYI, that foul odor you smell comes from a chemical (and germs) that are mixed in the air that we breathe. Most likely, they are just masked by that fresh sweet smell of the deodorizer or fragrance spray used, but actually those germs or chemicals are still present in the air that we breathe. Yikes! Gross!

Yes, I know most of you may be shocked by this truth that you are now starting to wonder how is that possible? As mentioned, the malodor (bad odor or bad smell, as we commonly call it) are caused by chemicals that are mixed in the air. This foul odor is most likely accompanied by germs. And, we all know that continuously breathing pesky odor, can affect our health.

Another fact is that, aside from the sickness that we may get due to these foul odors, our moods can also be affected. Yes, you read it right, malodor can definitely influence our moods or feelings. Aside from affecting our eyes, nose, lungs, throat or digestive system, among others, continued inhaling bad smell can trigger a memory or experience (good or bad) and cause mood swings.

According to Scientific American (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-scents-affect-peoples/), odors affect people’s mood by way of association, called the “Associative Learning”. Our moods can change when we smell something because we associate it with our past experiences or with an event. For instance, the strong smell of bleach reminds us with our experience in the hospital, or a surgical procedure, which may be a bad experience.

Personally, I don’t worry about bad odor or stinky smell at home as I use a Mia Maison Diffuser. And since it is a Mia Maison product, I am 100% sure that may home is literally fresh and clean. The one that bothers me is when my family and I are in a staycation. When we are checked in at a hotel, it is not always that we will get a “fresh and clean” room. There are times that the room had a hint of that tobacco smoke (maybe from the previous occupant), or there’s a malodor that I can’t recognize but I am sure I can smell it. Of course, this thing bothers me especially that I have a baby boy, who might easily get sick because of this malodor.

Good thing I always bring with me my Mia Maison Aero Spray. It is very handy, helpful and dependable especially when we need to stay in the hotel. Call me an “OC” person, but I just want to safeguard the health of my family. This might seem a minor thing, but believe me, when your loved ones are sick, it will be a different story.

Mia Maison Aero Spray is not just useful for making the room fresh and clean, but it can also be used as a car spray. Since my hubby, Noel, is driving the car, he also wants the car to smell pristine. So, he borrows my Aero Spray for that purpose. We all love that fresh and fruity smell inside the car, plus we are sure that we are inhaling a “clean” air, too while travelling.

Mia Maison Aero Spray is unlike conventional propellant gases and pressurized container; instead, it uses a trigger-based dispensing technology for a continued and prolonged spray. This trigger-based technology results to a fixed output of 1.20cc per second from the first up to the last spray to ensure a consistent spray. To cover a large surface area, just repeat the actuation and that will result to an endless spray. This action can spray bigger surfaces quickly and easily for your convenience.

Mia Maison Aero Spray features a high quality fine mist-like spray that that results in an even and perfect spread of the product that can adhere to all kinds of home surfaces, hotel room surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens and even on car surfaces!

I love using my Aero Spray together with Mia Maison’s latest concoction: the Mia Maison Odour Away.This new line of home fragrances brings a long lasting pleasant and harmonic scent inside our homes and in other places as well. Odour Away uses nanotechnology to break down the chemical composition of bad smells to totally eliminate them, leaving the place, fresh and clean.

Mia Maison Odour Away comes in 4 variants such as Kitchen Bliss, Bath Time, Clean Space and Anti-Tobacco Scent.

  • Kitchen Bliss – is for the fishy smell; it is made of raspberries, sweet cherries and peaches with red roses and aromatic aldehydes
  • Bath time – to maintain that pristine smell of your bathroom; it is made of sparkling lemon and fresh green notes plus jasmine, Lilly of the valley and warm cedarwood. It offers a soothing bubble bath with that floating cool and clean soap suds scent to take away the stress from a day’s work
  • Clean Space – leaves that distinct clean smell scent in your living space; it is made from green tea infused with blood orange and other exotic florals
  • Anti-tobacco scent – to take away that nasty smoke leaving a long lasting freshness; it is made with lavender and bright citruses infused with a few marine aromatics to the mix like watery notes, sea salt and ambroxian, in a warm white sandalwood

Mia Maison Aerospray kit includes

  • 1 pc Kitchen Bliss Room Spray Refill(50ml)
  • 1 pc Batch Time Room Spray Refill(50ml)
  • 1pc Clean Space Room Spray Refill(50ml)
  • 1pc Anti-Tobacco Room Spray Refill(50ml)

Mia Maison Home Fragrances are not just available in Aero Spray forms; these scents also come in waterbased and aromatherapy oil, as well as, ineReed Diffusers. The price varies from P808.00 up to P4, 000.

Mia Maison has been in the business for many years that even SM Malls and Ayala Malls have trusted it and have been using Mia Maison Home Fragrances for several years, too! With this to back up its credibility, Mia Maison is proud to offer their products to the public and guarantee that their fragrances are made of high quality materials.

I know you are all excited to try Mia Maison and see the difference. You can grab them at the leading department stores like SM Malls, Robinsons Malls, Trinoma, Gateway and Fisher Mall, among others. You can like and follow MIA MAISON on Facebook to know where to buy their products and also for updates and promos, too!

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