Chicken Treats and More at Monga SM Megamall

We’ve found a new way to enjoy fried chicken at the launch of Monga SM Megamall. This latest addition to The Vikings Group of restaurants is offering us a taste of signature Taiwanese-style street food that everyone can enjoy. The Monga Fried Chicken is popular in Taiwan and it was easy to see why. These humungous crispy treats are both tasty and filling making them great options for your fried chicken cravings. But first let me tell you what they have on their menu.

The star of the Monga SM Megamall menu is their Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken. It’s a thick-cut slab of chicken coated in honey batter then fried until its crisp. You can enjoy your Monga fried chicken in four ways. There is The King seasoned with salt and pepper, the Hot Chick which is sprinkled with handmade chili powder, and the Taiker which is flavoured with Japanese sauce and seaweed powder. These three variants can be enjoyed for only P189 a la carte and P199 with rice.

top: MONGA SM Megamall Menu from left to right: The King, Hot Chick, Taiker

The fourth variant is the Chee-Z Signature Fried Chicken (P209). I’d say it’s the most eye catching and mouth-watering item on their menu. That is if you are a pizza or cheese lover. The Chee-Z is topped with either a BBQ or Special Chili Sauce then smothered with mozzarella cheese. It can easily be mistaken for a pizza with the amount of cheese covering it.  Needless to say this is among the must try dishes on my list.

Aside from the chicken, Monga SM Megamall also offers interesting sidings and refreshments. There is the usual rice, fries, chicken wings and popcorn chicken but there are also unique sidings like the fried broccoli, fried king oyster mushroom, and fried chicken skin.

MONGA Chicken Wings, Crispy Chicken, Seaweed Fries, Fries with Plum Powder, Fried Broccoli
Taiwanese Style Popcorn Chicken
Fried King Oyster Mushroom

For their refreshments, you can choose among different iced tea flavors that include oolong tea, grapefruit green tea, orange green tea, and passion fruit tea. Milk tea lovers are also sure to enjoy their Green Dragon Milk Tea, a matcha-flavored brown sugar bubble milk, and Black Dragon Milk Tea that combines brown sugar bubble milk and oolong tea.

What I loved about the Monga Fried Chicken is the taste, texture, and flavors. The combination of chicken and crisp honey butter gives it a signature taste on its own. The seasoning options simply add to your enjoyment and offer variety for your meals. For those who want fried chicken everyday, Monga gives you a different way to enjoy chicken in every visit. I also love the texture of the chicken that seemed to be cooked just right despite its 2-cm thick slice. It was also crisp and juicy but not greasy. I would’ve loved to try their milk teas too but it wasn’t available at the time so I just opted for the passion fruit tea which I also enjoyed.

Mega A, SM Megamall, Lower Ground Floor, Bldg J Vargas cor, Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong, 1555 Metro Manila

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  1. Wow!. Mukhang masarap ang foods nila. Try nga namin dito para maiba naman. Nadaanan namin ito last time malapit sa TK.

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