MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection

beabi is one of the brands that I trust when it comes to bag organizers and travel kits. The quality of their products are superb and truly last the test of time. I love that they produce multi-functional and innovative travel and storage products at a reasonable price perfect for the needs of on the-go-moms and Filipino travelers. beabi has helped me a lot when it comes to organizing my things thus, making life easier and more manageable.

World renowned artist, Manuel Baldemor and the beautiful women behind beabi’s success, Winnie Go and Willin Chan

In celebration of its 10th year, beabi collaborates with the world renowned Filipino artist Manuel Baldemor. Manuel Baldemor is a multi-talented Filipino. He is best known for his geometric paintings with a folk art character. Some of you may have seen his works on UNICEF’s greeting cards that are distributed worldwide. And, now, you have the chance to own a piece of art of Manuel Baldemor without spending a fortune through the MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection.

Last November 4, 2019, I witnessed the historic unveiling of MBaldemor’s first collaboration with a brand at the Ronac Art Center. The MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection consists of printed bags and pouches featuring rarely publicized floral paintings by Manuel Baldemor which have only been exhibited abroad. Baldemor pays tribute to flowers as a “symbol of love and peace”. According to him, flowers are an indispensable element of the Filipino landscape.

MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection
Amazing Grace (MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection)
Flowers Are A Joy Forever (MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection)
Flowers Speak From The Heart (MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection)

“A simple flower…has a certain peace and tranquility you can take into yourself,” Baldemor said. “(They) are universal, and a symbol of love and peace. They speak directly to our hearts and have their own secret and unspoken language of diplomacy.”

For someone who loves receiving flowers. I can relate on how flowers make you feel loved, on how it calms your heart and gives you a sense of peace in an instant. So, I’m happy that he chose this artwork collection for his collaboration with beabi as many women can easily relate on his masterpiece.

During the launch, MBaldemor was gracious enough to sign the bags of the guests. I felt so lucky to have met him and receive a piece of his art with his signature on it. I chose the design Amazing Grace because I love the subtle combination of colors plus the structure of the bag fits my personality more. It’s functional, aesthetically-nice and it’s a work of art. But, with his signature on it, I’m thinking twice whether I should use it or just keep it for display.

During the event, they raffled off three bags signed by MBaldemor and I guess luck was on my side because he picked my name on the bowl. Omg! I honestly didn’t know what to do when my name was announced. I rarely win on raffles and contests so that really meant a lot. He gave me his Flowers Speak From The Heart Bag. Now, I’ve got two of his paintings and two of his signed bags. Yey! Now, I’m thinking whether I should visit the nearest beabi or order online so I’ll have his whole collection.

With this collaboration, beabi hopes to bring Baldemor’s art to a wider audience, making it more accessible to people from all walks of life. With the MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection, one does not need to spend a fortune to bring a piece of his art home.

These limited edition bags retail for P2,495 each. The entire collection are now available at all beabi stores nationwide as well as online at until stocks last. If you are a fan of Manuel Baldemor and if you love flowers, I highly suggest you get these bags now.

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