Seaking Celebrates 20th Anniversary with the Launch of Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon Line

Seafood is best enjoyed when fresh but sometimes the next best thing we’ve got is frozen seafood from the grocery. In which case I am very particular with quality and freshness. Over the past years Seaking is one of the seafood brands in the market that I’ve grown to trust. I got to appreciate them more when I attended their 20th Anniversary at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel last November 8.

One of the products that I often patronize is the Seaking Boneless Bangus Belly. I find it to be a good option for a quick and healthy meal. It’s easy to thaw then simply season it and fry, grill or bake. During their 20th celebration I found out that this seafood brand actually started with milkfish. The Uy siblings Jennifer, Nancy, Shirley, and Jeffrey began the business by selling deboned bangus or milkfish from their father’s fishpond to supermarkets. They did the deboning themselves which I found to be admirable because it’s a very tedious task. And look at where they are now after two decades? A trusted seafood brand and an industry leader in the country. It was a journey from a home business to a household name. Another proof that hard work pays off.

Maintaining quality and freshness of seafood items is no easy task. If poorly handled, seafood can spoil easily. This is why trusted brands like Seaking ensure that their products meet the highest product standards at all times. Seaking does this by adhering to the values of keeping fresh frozen seafood only, employing strict production processes, and complying with International Food Standard approved operation.  As such, consumers are assured that the fish they but has been carefully selected and processed to ensure quality and freshness.

The Uy siblings started their business with Milkfish but now they already have a full seafood line with Cream Dory, Squid, and Bottled Bangus in their list. To mark their 20th anniversary they have something new to offer, the Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon line. Aligned with their values to provide the best product in the market, Seaking has sourced only the best and healthiest type of Salmon from Alaska for this line. The Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon is one of the best sources of protein in seafood and naturally occurring Omega 3. You can choose from 4 different cuts which include Belly, Steak, Chunks, and Slab.

During the event, we were fortunate to try all 4 variants which were cooked in different ways.

Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon Dishes:

Grilled Salmon Steak with Lemon Garlic Sauce
Salmon with Beurre Blanc
Salmon Skewers

Aside from this, they also ventured to producing All Natural Bottled Bangus Collection that comes in different flavors.

This new offering from Seaking is another feather on their cap because it made them the first wild salmon retailer in the Philippines. The 20 year journey of the Uy Siblings is really worth celebrating with all the accomplishments that their company has made. As for us consumers, we get to have more options to enjoy in the frozen seafood section.

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