Tiger Balm Plaster Review

As a mom, I always have to be in my best shape. I have to juggle different chores at home including running around and taking care of my 1.5 months old baby boy. He’s 17.5 kilos so carrying him is not that easy. Most of the time I experience back pains and the initial remedy that I can do is to put mentholated plasters. While this gives me comfort, I hate the feeling when I have to remove it. It’s painful and it strips off my body hair.

Good thing, I learned about this new and innovative product from Tiger Balm. Tiger Balm has long been an institution for healing and pain relief in the Philippines. It’s a familiar and family-friendly brand that has been part of the Filipino homes for more than 50 years. The brand itself immediately conjures up beloved images of comforting and soothing Tiger Balm oils and creams that heal insect bites and treat muscles atrophied by arthritis. Tiger Balm, produced by Haw Par Healthcare, is one of the world’s leading and most versatile topical analgesic brands for almost a century. It has positioned itself to create dedicated solutions for specific symptoms, pains, and discomforts.

Tiger Balm Plaster Review

Tiger Balm recently launches its newest product line – the Tiger Balm Plaster which is designed to address the muscular pain and other aches caused by non-stop stress.

Tiger Balm Plaster is derived from Tiger Balm formulation and  provides relief of muscular pains. It provides comfort and helps to relieve muscular pain, stiff shoulders, contusion, sprain and backache when applied on affected areas.

What makes it stand out is the organic way it relieves all aching sensations while providing alleviation and comfort to the targeted muscle. Using hydrogel technology on non-woven ventilated material makes the plaster user-friendly, easy to put on and equally easy to remove.

How to Use Tiger Balm Plaster:

– Clean and dry area of application.
– Peel off center paper of adhesive sheet. Do not peel the side strips.
– Place plaster onto center of adhesive sheet, with plastic film facing up. Peel off the side strips of adhesive sheet.
– Peel off plastic film and apply plaster onto the affected areas.

Note: Do not apply plaster one hour before and after bathing.

Each pack consists of 2 plasters with size of 7 cm x 10 cm.

Active ingredients per 100g of the paste:
Camphor                             1.0g
Dementholized Mint Oil     0.6g
Eucalyptus Oil                     0.5g
Menthol                              0.3g
Capsicum Extract                0.2g

What I love about Tiger Balm Plaster:

– It is effective in providing relief for muscular pain. Whenever I have stiff shoulders and back aches, I use 2 plasters on affected area overnight and I instantly feel the warm sensation and smell the eucalyptus scent which relaxes me. I also use it on my legs because I usually experience leg cramps.
– The feeling of relief lasts for hours. I can still feel the effect of the plasters the moment I wake up.
– No tingling (kirot) feel when used.
– It’s convenient to remove the plasters after usage. It’s pain-free and the plaster does not leave residue or mark on the skin.
– It’s easy to carry. You can bring a pack or two in your bag, grooming kits and make up kits.

What I don’t like:

– Some supermarkets and drugstores don’t have it yet. Maybe, because it’s a new product. Eventually, this will be readily available for everyone. 

I highly recommend Tiger Balm to my fellow moms and dads and to everyone as this product really delivers it claims. Tiger Balm works where it hurts, always remember that!


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