Let Love Rule: The Closeup Free to Love #LoveRules Exhibit

We live in a world where people are free to judge our choices in life most especially when it comes to love. Sticking to the norms and conventional beliefs hold us back from being true to who and what we really want to be. But, isn’t it nice to live in a world where we can just be ourselves, enjoy our lives to the fullest, be proud and and not be judged? Isn’t it happier if we are free to love and to share to the world our own beautiful love story no matter what the circumstance is – may it be same sex relationship, age gaps, cultural differences and others.

Good thing, there’s a brand that campaigns in letting love rule instead of imposing rules on love. It was my second time to join Closeup in their advocacy to celebrate love in all forms. Closeup believes that everyone has the right to love and be loved freely regardless of gender, age, religion and social status.

Closeup recently held its #LoveRules Exhibit at the Maybank Theater in BGC. It’s an interactive event where they showcased four murals created by graffiti artist Jappy Agoncillo, highlighting perceived barriers to relationships and celebrating how Filipino couples overcome these differences. The event was also attended by their #FreeToLove ambassadors who shared their own love stories.

Mural theme – “Love is love regardless of gender”
Mural theme – “True love can start with one swipe”
Mural theme – There’s no wall high enough to keep love apart.
Mural theme – “Don’t let the years hold you back”

Celebrity artist and mom of two, Andi Eigenmann, shared how she left the pressures of Manila and showbizness and eventually found the freedom to love in an island and built her own family. The opinion of other people on her choices didn’t matter and she just chose to love the person and be loved. And, she’s very happy with her current state right now.

Radio DJ and host Katz Salao was also part of the panel discussion and shared how she pursued what she wanted and didn’t box herself to the Maria Clara stereotype of women.

Another inspiring story is EG Bautista’s coming out experience. He also shared how he overcame his fear of judgement of his same-sex relationship and how he told his parents about it. Issa Pressman was also present to share her story.

Closeup, through its #FreeToLove campaign, continues to empower everyone to have the freedom to love, break the stigma, and create more accepting and respectful world where insterad of imposing rules on love, we let love rule.

To know more about Closeup’s #FreetoLove campaign, visit https://freetolove.closeup.ph/about.

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