Beautifully Pampered with Japanese Facial and Eyelash Extension Services at Ayumi Greenhills

Getting a facial is one of the best ways to pamper your skin. But if you are looking for more than just skin pampering then check out what Ayumi Greenhills has to offer. Ayumi is an eyelash extension and nail art salon that makes use of premium Japan made lashes. They recently added spa services in their Greenhills branch and so far I have only heard good things about it. I got to try their services recently and this is what I discovered.

For my first visit at Ayumi Greenhills I decided to try their Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Facial (P1,800) and the Tres Structure Ange Curl Voluminous Lashes (P5,000). Their spa service is in partnership with House of Resha and is only available at their Greenhills Branch (as of this writing). The Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Facial is a 60 minute facial treatment that boosts hydration and helps create plump & firm skin. It makes use of the eminence Spalia Beauty Collection Hydrating Facial for the entire procedure.

The cleansing process started with the use of Spalia Cleansing Gel, followed by the Spalia Peeling Gel, then the Spalia Moist Wash. An electronic brush is used together with the moist wash to reach even the small areas around my nose and chin. After a thorough cleanse, Spalia Milk Emulsion and Essence Lotion was applied on my skin to hydrate and moisturize the skin.

Then comes the steam and vacuum session to open pores and remove any impurities that may be left on the skin. The final touch is the Anti-Aging Spalia Gold Mask placed on my face.

I really felt great after my facial. My skin feels so clean and refreshed and I felt so relaxed the whole time. And, the best thing about Ayumi and House of Resha’s Japanese Facial is that there’s no pricking on the skin. This has always been my dilemma whenever I have my facial done because sometimes, it can be too painful. Good thing, I’ve learned about this kind of facial.

But it’s not just my skin that got pampered during the session. The Ayumi Greenhills facial treatment came with a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage too! So even my muscles felt relaxed. Isn’t it great?

I also had a pleasant time getting my lashes done. The Tres Structure Ange Curl Voluminous Lashes takes about 90 minutes to apply. Your natural lashes are curled and lifted first before extensions are put in place. Also, the Tres Structure lashes makes use of sable mink hair in 3 lengths to give your lashes a fuller yet natural effect.

I loved my skin and I loved my lashes. It seems that my Japanese facial at Ayumi Greenhills was indeed a pampering treat for me.  I had a very relaxing experience during the facial as well as during the lash extension procedure. By the time I left, I felt beautiful and pampered at the same time.

Ayumi Greenhills is the newest branch in their line-up and the only branch that offers Japanese facial and massage services through the House of Resha. Now you can get beautifully pampered skin and gorgeous lashes in one visit.

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  1. Love Compoc
    January 12, 2020 / 2:08 am

    Natural looking ng eyelashes 🤗 ang pricey pala din.
    Love the facial too ,ung process sureness talagang relieving and relaxing after.

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