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How’s your cholesterol level? Did you know that in a recent survey made by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), they found that one out of two adult Filipinos has borderline to high cholesterol and that’s mainly because of unhealthy diet and lifestyle. With the kind of fast-paced life that we have now, we tend to neglect the importance of eating healthy, having 8-hr of sleep and  the good effect of regular exercise on our body. But, how can we help ourselves when we have high cholesterol? In an event that I recently attended, I learned a non-invasive way on how you can lower your bad cholesterol level.

The number 1 oats brand in the world, Quaker, takes the initiative to help Filipinos lower cholesterol for better heart health management through the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge. This was first introduced in 2004 in the Philippines, the challenge was developed to demonstrate how adding oatmeal to your daily diet helps reduce cholesterol. 

The Quaker Smart Heart Challenge aims to help individuals lower their high cholesterol in just 30 days. All you have to do is make one simple change in your lifestyle –  you have to incorporate two scoops or eight tablespoons of Quaker oatmeal daily, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Far easy than to undergo major operation brought by high cholesterol level. This challenge was created to help adults learn about and develop heart-healthy eating habits, especially now that more and more individuals – including more and more young Filipinos – are experiencing heart problems and high cholesterol levels.

So what really makes oats heart healthy?

Experts believe that it’s the soluble fiber found in oats that helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.

L – R Neri Miranda – Actress and Vlogger, Nadine Tengco – Health Coach, and Nadia Montenegro – Actress, Cook, and Vlogger

To make oatmeal recipes more appetizing, Quaker partnered with health coach Nadine Tengco to create a variety of sweet and savory recipes to complement the 30-day Quaker Smart Heart Challenge, perfect for young Filipinos who are looking to take better care of their hearts. Make your own oats breakfast jars with recipes like Coco-Choco Oat Jar and Oats n’ Mango Breakfast Jar, or step up your morning pick-me-up with Oats n’ Raisins Banana Mug Cake or Whipped Egg-Whites n’ Oats. “Incorporating oats into your daily diet need not be boring nor complicated. It’s easier and more accessible now than ever to kickstart a heart-healthy lifestyle,” shares Nadine. 

Oatmeal Recipes by Nadine Tengco:

Coco-Choco Oat Jar
Banana Oats Breakfast Jar

Make the smart move to take good care of yourself with the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge and win a Smart Watch, Fitbit bands, and Quaker products when you are among those with the highest percentage of cholesterol reduction. This promo will run from Jan 6 to April 30, 2020.

Quaker oats is available in instant, quick, and rolled oats format. And is also available in a variety of flavors: Chocolate, Banana & Honey, Chocolate with Milk, Milky Original, Beef & Carrot, Chicken w/ Mushroom, Banana bites, Fruit & Nut, and Tropical Fruit. 

For more information on Quaker Oats and the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge, visit

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