Paul Immigrations Reviews: Whys and Hows of Singapore PR Application

Decades ago being a green card holder is the most coveted status among wannabe immigrants. But now that there is a wide range of career opportunities across the globe, permanent residency in developed countries becomes equally attractive. In Asia for instance, having a Singapore Permanent Residency (SPR) is one of the most desirable status in the region. This is because Singapore enjoys political stability, a robust and open economy, and advanced education and healthcare. Thus enabling them to provide good quality of life for their citizens and residents.

I have been to Singapore with my family four times already and my brother worked there as a Registered Nurse too. What attracted me to this country is the progressive and highly urbanized ambiance and cultural diversity. I also appreciate the clean and safe environment with a low crime rate that makes it ideal for raising a family. As for Filipinos who are working or doing business there, the efficient public transport system is definitely a plus especially for those who have experienced traffic in Metro Manila.

Aside from an attractive pay and pleasant work environment, the Singaporean lifestyle is another reason why workers and students would like to have a more permanent status in the country. But of course this option is not available for everyone and you’d have to go through the application process for a shot at a Singapore Permanent Residency (SPR) status. Although we have friends and relatives working in Singapore willing to guide us through the application process, I took it upon myself to see what the immigration experts have to say.  

Paul Immigrations Reviews:  Why Apply for a Singapore PR.

For us Filipinos, the proximity in our country and high paying career opportunities make Singapore an ideal destination. With roughly 3 and a half hours of flight it would be easy to shuttle back and forth to see your loved ones without disrupting your career or studies. If you are currently working, studying, or doing business there then you can make your life better by applying for an SPR. According to immigration experts you get to enjoy the following benefits with an SPR:

More Freedom in Mobility. Travel and work visas in Singapore have entry, exit, and length of stay restrictions.  SPR holders do not have these limitations as their status allows them to enter and leave the country without renewing or applying for a new visa. 

Increased Career Opportunities. An SPR status grants you the right to live and work in the country for long periods of time. This gives you a more stable immigration status compared to employment pass or work visa holders. As such employers are more likely to consider you over non-SPRs. Not just that SPR holders also have wider choices in career opportunities compared to other foreign workers.

Housing, Healthcare and Education. SPRs are also given better access to housing, healthcare and education in the country. They are allowed to purchase second hand public housing units and have a place they can call their own. In terms of healthcare and education, SPRs enjoy subsidized rates and priority in admission.

Loan Eligibility. Having access to cash for personal, professional, or business growth via loans is another benefit that a permanent resident can enjoy. As an SPR they are eligible to apply for loans including housing loans at more competitive rates.

Tax Relief and CPF Benefits. Aside from tax relief incentives, Singapore permanent residents also benefit from the Central Provident Fund (CPF). The CPF is a social security plan that can be used for housing, healthcare, and retirement needs. 

Long Term Visit Pass for Family Members. You can also sponsor your family members for longer stay in the country compared to that given to regular tourist visa holders. The SPR can simply apply for a Long Term Visit Pass or LTVPs for his or her immediate family.

Be one step closer to full citizenship. Although SPRs are able to enjoy a lot of benefits in Singapore, they are still not able to fully enjoy all the rights and privileges of a citizen. Thus, it is not surprising for those who have tasted success in the country to want a full citizenship. If you already have your Permanent Residency status, then you are already one step closer to becoming a full-pledged citizen of Singapore.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How to Apply for a Singapore PR.

The SPR application process is done through the Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website. You have to sign-in using a SingPass then fill-out the information and follow the instructions given on the website. You will also be asked to complete and submit the documents required and stated by the ICA. While this may sound easy and simple at the onset, it can be quite overwhelming once you start the process. 

The first step entails navigating through the electronic Permanent Residency system. Then you have to fill-in all the required fields and find ways to meet the documentary requirements. It is important to note though that there is also a time frame of 7 days or 168 hours for you to submit and complete everything. Once you have uploaded the documents and submitted your application you will be asked to pay for your PR application. An acknowledgement page will then be shown to confirm that your PR documents have been successfully submitted. Then all you have to do is wait for the results.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How the Experts Can Help You.

As mentioned above, applying for an SPR may sound easy but it can be quite tedious. It can even be nerve wracking if you go about it blindly. If you want an easy-peasy way to an SPR then work with the experts. I found one immigration consultancy firm online that specializes in Singapore PR applications. Aside from having a very informative site, they also have all the services you need to make your PR application a pleasant experience. In a nutshell, their services include:

PR Application Eligibility Assessment. You can easily do this through their website by giving your contact details. The Immigration Consultant (IC) will then get in touch with you for an initial assessment in a phone interview. Should you meet their eligibility requirements then you’ll be asked to come for a personal interview.

Personal Interview, Application Assessment and Process Overview. After another round of assessment, the IC will go through the process with you, including possible hurdles and your chances of success. You will then be asked to decide whether you shall avail of their professional services or not. 

Preparation, Organization, and Completion of Documents. Should you wish to avail of professional consultancy services, an Immigration Specialist (IS) will then help you with your documentary requirements and application strategy. This includes the preparation of a professional cover letter which is designed to give you a competitive edge in your application. The IS will also take charge in filling out the application information based on the documents submitted by the applicant.

Submission and Results. Since the PR application is done online, the IS can go through the process and guide you to submit the application based on his/ her instructions. This can be done with or without the IS’ presence. However, should you want to be present through the whole process, you can meet with your IS and review your documents before submitting it. Once submitted, you will have to wait for the results after four to six months or so.   

Aside from their professional and comprehensive service, I also appreciate the positive feedback that they got from previous clients. As a potential applicant this gives me more confidence in their capacity to help me succeed in my application.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Why Expert Help is Important in Singapore PR

There are two ways to go about your SPR application. One is to go about it on your own or do it together with immigration experts and increase your chances of success. I guess this depends on how much you want an SPR or how important it is to your future. But in my opinion an SPR is too important to risk your chances of success by doing it on your own. With expert help from reputable immigration consultants, you increase your chances of success and make life easier for you. Another benefit of getting help from experts is that you are not left on your own in decision making. Their years of experience and professional insights can point you to the right direction. 

However, there is no guarantee that your application will be successful with or without the help of experts. In case things don’t go your way, your experts will still be there to help you with the next steps. People who go through this on their own are usually left at a loss when they get rejected. If you want to increase your chances of success then go with immigration consultants with a good track record. Ones like this firm who make it their business to help you succeed in your Singapore PR.

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