Contactless Delivery and Carryout Options Now Available at Papa John’s

Pizza must be one of the world’s most popular food items. There are children who would eat pizza every night, if their parents agreed. With most of America sheltering-in-place, Papa John’s pizza specials offer a way to keep the pizza coming without breaking the bank. Use our carryout or contactless delivery if you’re taking extra-care during the pandemic to avoid contact. It’s just added peace of mind.

How to Get Pizza Specials With Your Contactless Delivery
Use the app or order online for contactless delivery. Click on the specials link to find some great deals on pizza. You can customize your order to fit your needs and preferences. Make sure to sign in to earn points for every order that add up over time to free pizzas. When you check out, you’ll have the option to use No Contact Delivery. To be completely contactless, make sure to include a tip. If you need to pay cash, uncheck the “leave order at my door” option.
With contactless delivery, you’ll get your pizza without ever having to make contact with the driver. When the driver arrives at your home, your order gets set up at the door. The driver rings your doorbell and steps back at least six feet. When you come to the door, you’ll pick up your order and close your door. The driver then takes any equipment and leaves. There’s nothing to sign and no cash to exchange, as long as you pre-paid.

Pizza Isn’t Just For Special Occasions
At its base, pizza is only bread, cheese and tomato sauce. It’s a simple recipe that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. Ask your family what they want for their birthday dinner and it’s likely that at least one of them would suggest pizza. While America is staying safe at home, most people are turning to those comfort foods that smell, taste and feel good.
Those brown bits of cheese that bake up so nice taste wonderful when mixed with a sweet tomato sauce base. Pizza crust is just made up of yeast, flour, salt and water, but it’s a delivery system that makes anything you put on it so much better. No matter how rough the day has been, a pizza can make everything right. When your brain feels like mush after dealing with work, kids and chores, a pizza can let you relax instead of having to stand in the kitchen dirtying up dishes.

How Food Delivery Is Helping You Save Time

If you’re finding yourself cooking more during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. Spending time preparing quality meals is very rewarding, but it does take time. Plus, you spend time cleaning up after each meal. Find food delivery near me to take a break from your routine. Enjoy your family mealtime without creating a ton of dishes.

Help Your Community
The restaurant industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. Food delivery or takeout supports workers who live in your town. Pizza lifts spirits. It’s a win-win scenario for your family and your local economy. Order pizza tonight.

  1. I’ve been craving for pizza ilang weeks na kaso wla mabilhan dto sa province lahat sirado pa.

  2. grabe nakakamiss na talaga kumain ng pizza.. di pa rin makabili kasi wala pa din work sila hubby.. grabe na cravings ko ?

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