Get Alpha Kid Nourishment from Wyeth Promil Gold Four at Shopee

Raising healthy and happy kids is a goal for most parents. One way to accomplish this is by providing kids with proper nourishment and a nurturing environment. In these aspects Wyeth Promil Gold Four can be your partner in raising your Alpha Kid.

Wyeth Promil Gold Four for kids ages 3+ is formulated to promote brain growth and development. It contains a scientific blend of quality ingredients known as the NUTRILEARN™ SYSTEM.

These include:

ALPHA-LIPIDS a unique ingredient that helps speed up brain connections through myelination. It is made up of  Phospholipids (65.6 mg/serving) and Sphingomyelin (12.8 mg/serving).

DHA (17 mg/serving) helps boost memory and thinking skills. It is also known to aid infant and child development.

CHOLINE (53 mg/serving) also supports brain development.

LUTEIN (50 mcg/serving), an antioxidant.

OLIGOFRUCTOSE which contains VITAMINS A, C,D and E, ZINC and SELENIUM that supports immunity.

Aside from providing parents with a nourishing tool for their kids, Wyeth Promil Gold four also support child development through its programs. You can find a lot of materials on parenting like how to nurture a gifted child etc. In the past the Promil i-Shine camp served as a platform for kids to hone and unleash their talents.

You can help your kids get an early start in becoming the best that they can be with proper nutrients and moral support. Adding Promil Gold Four in their daily diet can help them get the necessary nutrients to perform daily tasks easily.

You can now purchase your Wyeth Promil Gold Four easily and conveniently because its available at Shopee. Just click & buy and your Promil is delivered right at your doorstep. Not just that, you may even chance upon a discount deal, freebie offer, or special promo when you visit the site.

Remember to download the Shopee app first. You can get it for free at the Apple store or Google play.

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