Safeguard your Family’s Health: Say #NoToFakeChinaProducts

When you go for knock offs or fake products you are sacrificing the quality and safety of the products you buy. One example is the fake Christmas Lights that can cause fires during the holidays. Sadly, there seem to be no limit to the proliferation of fake goods from China. Our major concern right now is the rising number of fake medicines and medical equipment for Covid 19 that are available in the market today. These products are dangerous and might even cost lives. Thus, we are one with the call to say #NoToFakeChinaProducts.

In a middle of a pandemic the least we can do to help our front liners is to stay healthy and protect ourselves against the virus. This is why it is important to have effective protective equipment like face masks, shields, and PPE’s for front liners. Unfortunately, there are also fake face masks and PPEs from China proliferating in the market today. In a post by Inquirer, the Bureau of Customs recently seized around Php250 million worth of defective face masks, PPE’s, and other medical supplies from China. What makes this dangerous is that it gives people a false sense of security that they are protected from the virus when in reality they are not. We cannot compromise the safety of our medical personnel by giving them fake and defective PPE’s, so if you plan to buy or donate PPE’s make sure they are not fake.

The bigger danger lies in the proliferation of fake medicines and vaccines for Covid 19.  During the onset of the pandemic there have been raids or seizures of Covid 19 medicines from China. These are not FDA registered and are therefore not guaranteed to be safe. What is more worrisome is the Covid 19 vaccine from China that is supposedly sold by some people. We all know that the vaccines are still in the testing and development stage. Remember that when you buy fake medicines or drugs you are putting your health at risk. For one thing, you don’t really know what is in these drugs given that they are fakes and not subjected to quality control or testing.

While we strive to protect our people against the virus there are unscrupulous people who are manufacturing and selling fake goods that put our lives at risk. We can only hope that something can be done to stop them. In the meantime, be vigilant and meticulous in buying products and medicines for the safety and protection of your family. We all know that there are lots of fake goods out there and China is notorious for it. The least we can do right now is keep an eye out for fakes and say #NoToFakeChinaProducts.

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