Everyday Fiesta Feels with WOW FIESTA Melody!

How do you entertain your family at home? How do you uplift the spirit of your kids? How do you make them feel that everything is okay and they don’t have to worry about the future? As a mom, this has been one of the tasks that I have to deal with everyday during this time of pandemic. Aside from running a household and making sure that everything is well-kept and organized, I also find ways on how to make my family happy most especially for my children to enjoy and have that “wow” feeling while staying at home every single day.

My family loves to spend time together. Aside from playing different board games, watching Netflix, educational Youtube videos and movies online, we also enjoy singing together. Did you know that singing is good for everyone? Based on a research conducted by scientists at the University of Frankfurt in Germany, singing strengthens the immune system. It releases endorphins into your system and makes you feel energized and uplifted. Hence, according to them people who sing are healthier than people who don’t. Given this kind of study, we need this activity most especially now that we are under pandemic and having a strong immune system is what we need to survive.

Good thing, my family enjoys this activity the most. Though, my husband and I are not blessed with good singing voice, we still try our best to entertain our kids who are very passionate with singing. My daughter, Keisha, is musically-inclined. She loves to sing and dance. She even won 2nd Runner-Up in a singing competition and was enrolled in a music school with mall shows every month pre-pandemic days. Just imagine how she feels now that all of those things are put on hold. That’s why I’m very happy that even at home, Keisha gets to do her passion and develop her singing voice.

When singing at home, we use the WOW! Fiesta Melody. It’s perfect for families who want to bond and have that everyday fiesta feels. It’s from the makers of the well-known WOW! Videoke.

WOW! Fiesta Melody features:

  • Thousands of built-in English and OPM licensed songs – all your favorite songs are loaded inside the secured internal storage
  • 1080p Full HD Output – the video backgrounds are beautiful and realistic with vivid color and details
  • Car-friendly – you can use it in your car when traveling. It has a compact size with underside tab provisions for in-car installs. It’s also equipped with 3.5 mm IR jack for easy remote access
  • High Quality Sound – Powered by Dream SAM 2695 Sound Module
  • Multimedia Player via USB Drive – Play movies and music from your USB drive. Supports all popular multimedia formats.
  • Professional Wired Microphone – Professional quality that can be connected to compatible mini component, sound system or directly to the WOW! Fiesta unit. It also has a long 5m cable for ease of movement while you sing

The WOW! Fiesta Melody comes with the following:

  • Main Unit
  • 1 Professional Wired Microphone
  • User-Friendly Remote Control
  • Song List and User Manual
  • RCA Cable
  • Autovolt Power Adapter

Watch this video and see how my family and I enjoy bonding using the WOW! Fiesta Melody!

How to set-up:

The best feature that I love about WOW! Fiesta Melody is that it has the unlimited song expansion feature via the Song Loader App. With this, we are able to easily transfer karaoke video songs from our computer. We can also download new content from the Cloud. All added songs will also have full search and scoring functionality. On top of all these amazing features, this is very affordable. You get all these for only P4,999.00.

Whenever we bond over singing, the atmosphere at home instantly lights up and there’s that Wow Everyday Fiesta Feels.This is really a must-buy most especially during this time.

You may purchase the WOW! FIESTA Melody online at the the following:

The WOW Store: www.thewowstore.com.ph/brand-wowfiesta
Lazada: https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/wowfiesta
Shopee: https://shopee.ph/thewowstore

Physical Stores:
SM Appliance Centre, Robinsons Appliance, SM Hypermarket and SM Supermarket, Automatic Centre, Anson’s, Abenson Stores, Western Appliances and S&R



  1. Wow…perfect para sa mahihilig mag karaoke.. my son lwill surely love to have this??..mahilig kasi sila kumanta.

  2. Ive installed but it’s showing me a warning sign to insert the Kareoke system USB device.
    And it did not come with a flash drive.

      1. Hello did you get a resolution po regarding this issue? Im experiencing the same with my wow fiesta unit I purchased just two months ago. Thank you.

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