Feel Good and Celebrate International Coffee Day with Nestle Nescafe Coffee and Shopee

October 1 is International Coffee Day and this year Nestle celebrates it with the coffee farmers’ children in its’ heart. The pandemic has affected the livelihood of our coffee farmers making it difficult to provide for the education of their children. This is why Nestle Nescafe Coffee and Shopee are stirring-up some support for the education of coffee farmers’ kids on Coffee Day.

Nescafe is a leading coffee brand worldwide. Aside from a wide range of great tasting brews, it is their commitment to the future of coffee that brings them close to our hearts. Did you know that Nescafe has coffee experts working with farmers and training them in advanced agriculture and business? It’s not just about growing good coffee but also teaching farmers how to sustain their income and supporting farming community. This is all done in the name of growing and sourcing coffee responsibly. It feels good to know that the cup of coffee that you are enjoying is sourced and grown responsibly.

This coming International Coffee Day your favorite Nescafe Coffee can be more than just a cup of brew. It can also be your way of supporting the education of coffee farmers’ children. For every Php100 you spend on Nescafe products, Php5 will be donated to the education of these kids. In a way its like supporting both the coffee farmers’ livelihood and the education of their children. You can do this by simply taking your pick among the wide range of coffee flavors from Nescafe. There’s the classic instant coffee, premium flavor of Nescafe Gold, creamy blends, and the best selling Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee. These are all great tasting brews that you can afford so you can have several variants on your pantry to fit your coffee mood for the day. Since it’s a special day for coffee, Nestle Nescafe and Shopee are giving out discounts and freebies from select Nescafe products.

Good coffee doesn’t just taste good and smell good. It also makes you feel good. You can enjoy all these in your cup of Nescafe. Don’t miss out on the good vibes you get from supporting coffee farmers and their kids. Celebrate coffee day with Nescafe Coffee and Shopee on Oct. 1. Remember to download the Shopee app for free from the app store or google play.

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  1. Love Compoc
    September 30, 2020 / 8:33 pm

    Galing ng Nescafe for thinking ways to help padin. Waiting for my Nescafe frm shopee wd tumbler

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