Lets Spread Pawsitivity this Holiday Season with Pedigree and the Animal Kingdom Foundation

We all need a dose of good vibes after everything that’s happened this year. CoVid 19 and the recent typhoons were really tough blows that tested our resilience once again. Despite all these I am hoping that the holiday season will still be full of love, hope and positivity. Not just for ourselves but also for our pets. One way to start is by giving your pet some treats from Pedigree’s Spread Pawsitivity Event.

Just like most pet owners, we treat our dogs like family members. We currently have 3 dogs, a Maltese, a Beagle, and a Bulldog. Each has its own personality, quirks, and needs. While it is nice to have dogs around the house taking care of them is not a walk in the park. As a responsible pet owner you’d have to know how to raise healthy and happy pets. This means feeding them right, grooming them regularly, and giving them enough exercise and playtime. Oh and you’ll have to train them too. It’s actually more like having additional tots in the house.

When it comes to our dogs’ nutrition we make sure that they get the right food and the right amount of it. While there is nothing wrong with sharing your food with your dog, you must remember that what is good for you isn’t always good for your dog. The best meal option for your furry family members are still food that are made for them. Cat food for cats and dog food for dogs, its that simple. But you also have to remember that pups have different nutritional requirements as full grown dogs. The same goes for small dogs and big dogs. Its not just about giving them dog food, it has to be the right dog food. As for our 3 dogs, we choose Pedigree for their meals and treats.

What I like about Pedigree is that they have a variety of meals and treats to fit your dogs nutrition needs. They’ve got beef and liver, lamb and veggies, milk and beef, etc. Our dogs love their Tasty Bites and Meat Jerky. If you want your dogs to be happy and healthy then it helps to have a variety of wet and dry food as well as crunchy and chewy treats that you can alternate for their meals. Another nice thing about Pedigree is its affordability. This makes is easy for dog owners to provide nourishment and treats for their furbabies.

Since the pandemic has started we have heard a lot of stories about people sending aid and food packs to those in need. This is really a good way to spread hope and positivity. Now that its Christmas Season once again, perhaps we can extend these good vibes to animals in need. They too have been affected by recent events. Today you can help the pets of the Animal Kingdom Foundation by supporting Pedigree’s Spread Pawsitivity Day at Shopee.

This event is actually more of a storewide SALE event for pet owners but here you also get to provide food for pets in the shelter with your purchases. During the Spread Pawsitivity Day, you can get as much as 35% off on pet treats and flash sales that go as low as P1. But more than just the discount, your purchases for the day comes with good vibes from doing a good deed. This is because 10% of total sales for the day will be given to provide food for pets in need at the Animal Kingdom Foundation. Their goal is to raise 10,000 bowls to make the holiday season bright for our furry friends at the shelter and they need our help too.

As pet owners, the Spread Pawsitivity event is a win-win situation. You get to avail nice discounts for your pet treats and help pets in need in the process. But you don’t have to be a pet owner to extend help to pets in need. You can buy the pet food and donate it to the Animal Kingdom Foundation or perhaps an animal shelter near you. One thing is for sure though, your purchase for the day is going to make a pet in a shelter happy.


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