Raising Stay-at-Home Champs with MILO Home Court Challenge

Sports and physical activities are important aspects of our lives. Aside from health benefits, it can also help in building our child’s character. Staying at home can be challenging for us moms and our kids to engage in sports. Not for us though, because now we’ve got the MILO Home Court on our side. My daughter, Keisha, recently joined the MILO Home Court Challenge and started her journey to becoming the champ that she chooses to be.

Our Champ Keisha

Keisha is a real champ because she is always ready to try new things and take on exciting challenges. I am quite happy with how she is adjusting to the current stay-at-home set up but I still think that she shouldn’t miss out on sports. This is why we joined the MILO Sports Clinics Online (MSCO). This online sports clinic is a FREE program that you can access through the . The program features expert coaches from partner sports organizations of MILO that can help guide your kids in their journey to becoming champs. I’m not sure which one of us was more excited to start the program. For Keisha, it was something new to try and an opportunity to explore sports activities that she is interested in. For me, it was like getting a partner in teaching and building her character through sports.

Small Steps to Becoming a Better Champ

As parents we see our kids as champs in their own way. But still we equip them with tools to help them become better champs as they go through life. This is why I would like Keisha to get into sports while she is young. Sports can teach her a lot of things like hard work, team work, winning, losing, playing fair etc.

For our first MILO Home Court Challenge, Keisha took on her very first volleyball lesson. The session was organized by the BEST Center which is one of the best sports clinics I know. We both loved the session because Keisha learned a lot from it while it felt like a refresher course for me. I used to be a volleyball player so it’s a joy to see my daughter getting into a sport that I grew up with. The coach emphasized the importance of receiving the ball properly so we plan to practice on that. Other take-aways that we got from the session include the proper way to balance ball on the forearm, front lunges, and controlling the ball. But the part that Keisha enjoyed most was learning about the basic defensive stances for volleyball.

It was a fun session and possibly a tiring one if Keisha didn’t have a proper breakfast. I always make sure that my kids get a nutritious breakfast to start the day right and that includes their favorite choco drink, MILO.  Sometimes they would even request for iced-MILO or MILO shake during merienda. The combination of proper breakfast and physical activity actually helped Keisha become more focused in her school work and less sluggish during online classes. She had her MSCO session before her online classes for school and her improved focus on her subjects was quite noticeable.

Another sport that Keisha is interested in is gymnastics. Being a gymnast is actually one of her childhood dreams. This is why she was so excited to attend her gymnastics session at conducted by Club Gymnastica. These sessions are done in real time with expert coaches teaching your kids for a minimum participation fee of Php 1,000, inclusive of 4 to 12 classes depending on the sport and organizer.

Keisha had so much fun learning gymnastics led by Coach Eva. Assisting her in her class was a fun and a new learning experience for both of us. We never thought we could do this at the comfort of our own home!

Coach Eva was very warm and welcoming to us. We felt comfortable to join the others even if we were newbies. Everyone was also patient with Keisha especially when she was struggling to follow some moves. The tips and instructions they gave helped her a lot. We also had fun meeting other moms and kids online!

Keisha’s Home Team

Every child can be a champion, believing in themselves and pursuing their dreams with passion. In order for this to be possible, our kids need the support of their home team. This is why we also encourage our kids to be supportive of each other too. As parents, we do our best to motivate our kids and give them the tools they need to succeed.  Right now, I’m happy to have MILO Home Court on our home team to support Keisha’s athletic inclinations. With the help of this online sports clinic, we can bring sports into our home and raise champs amidst the current situation. Like us, you too can jump start your child’s journey to being a champ by joining the MILO Home Court Challenge.

Congratulations as well to Mommy Mona Averdida for winning Mommy Bloggers Philippines’ MILO Home Court Challenge social media contest – you’ll get 1 case of MILO products (good for 1 year), 3 MILO basketballs, and 1 MILO jacket! Please DM me on Facebook or Instagram, or the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Facebook and Instagram pages to claim your PRIZES.

To all the other moms who joined the challenge, continue the champion journey for your child to stay active, healthy, and productive, and reach their sporting ambitions!


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