The Gift of Life Lessons: A Family Legacy From My Parents for Me and My Kids #ForeverLove

Christmas is about family, love, and sharing blessings. With everything that has happened this year, I can say that our greatest blessings are family and friends. And the most valuable gifts we got from our parents are the life lessons they taught us. This Christmas Season I’d like to share a few gifts that I got from my parents which I would also like to pass on to my kids.

Never stop learning. Study hard so you’ll have a bright future. We have heard this countless times from parents while we were in school. But my parents taught me that learning shouldn’t stop when you finish school. There is a whole wide world out there with loads of things to teach you about career, people, faith and life in general. You can actually learn a couple of life lessons by simply spending time with your parents and grandparents and trying to see life through their perspective.

Make time for important things because you can’t turn back time. Family is one of the most important things in life which is why we should always make time for family. I consider myself lucky to have parents who value familial relationships because they gave me plenty of fond memories while growing up and continue to do so until now. Sometimes the need to provide for the family keeps parents away from their kids because of work. There is nothing wrong with this of course but if you don’t make time for family then you may come home one day and realize that you’ve already missed half their lives. You can try to make-up for lost time but you can never get it back. I appreciated the value of this when I had my first child Keisha. I became a hands on mom and loved every minute of it. I couldn’t imagine missing any of her milestones.

Save for a rainy day. This is one of the most practical life lessons that parents can teach their kids. You can never tell when there is going to be a financial emergency and this is something that you really should be ready for. Imagine if one of your kids gets sick and you don’t have money to bring him/her to the hospital. Make saving a habit so you don’t have to worry about rainy days. Remember, no amount is too small to set aside for savings because you can grow it.

Set your sights on the future and plan for it. What do you want to be when you grow-up? This kindergarten question is actually our first nudge at setting our sights on our future. Our parents encouraged us to discover what roles we want to play in our adult life. They continue to guide us in our choices until we hit high school, chose our college courses, and even after graduation. They were able to provide us with good education and a good life because it was a future that they wanted when they started a family. I think most parents want a better future for their kids, I do. This is why our game plan is to work hard and secure our family’s future with proper financial planning. #HealthierLongerBetterLives for everyone in the family.

Have a contingency plan. Things don’t always work the way you want them to. Sometimes even if things are already going your way, life can spring a surprise that ruins your plan. I was lucky to have supportive people around me whenever things don’t go my way. But it also helps that my parents taught me to plan for contingencies. Since financial stability is essential for our family’s future, one of our contingency plans is to protect our finances from unexpected events like illnesses, accidents  and death. All of which can be addressed by an insurance plan. #AIAPhilamlife

The Covid 19 pandemic has reminded us that life can be short and it is usually our loved ones who bear the brunt of unexpected loss. I don’t want my loved ones to experience such a burden. One way to help ease the burden of those we leave behind is to have everything taken cared of. It shows them how much you love them even when you’re gone. This is a legacy I want to leave for my kids.

My parents and I learned to appreciate the value of having a life insurance plan. A tool that can help our family settle our financial affairs when we are no longer around. Just like the latest insurance product from AIA Philamlife which gives us protection from life’s uncertainties.

The AIA All in One 5/10 secures your family’s financial well being by providing them with a life insurance benefit equivalent to 5X of the amount you paid for. This amount will be doubled in case death is due to accident.

Another thing to be appreciated with this plan is it provides Cash Benefits in case of accident, disability, or critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, or heart ailment.


As an added bonus your last year of payment is going to be FREE! Not bad huh? You can choose between a 5 or 10 year paying period, short payment terms for securing your family’s future and a great option for legacy planning. If you are lucky to be able to grow your assets within a 10 year period then its easy to get additional coverage to secure your legacy.

Let your love live on, start planning for your family’s future as early as now.#ForeverLove. You can learn more about AIA All-in-One by visiting AIA Philam Life’s Facebook page and websites:

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