Get Ready to be WOWed by 2021 BLACKPINK: The Show #GlobeBLACKPINKReinvented

BLINKs are likely to be buzzing with excitement right now as the YG Palm Stage – 2021 BLACKPINK: The Show is about to happen within the next few hours. Globe in partnership with BLACKPINK will be giving you a world class, modern, and fresh way to enjoy your concerts through this reinvented concert experience. This event is really something to look-forward to, not just for BLINKs but for concert fans too. Why? Well for one it’s a reinvented concert experience.

The performances of global K-pop group Blackpink has been wowing fans all over the world for several years now. This is because they always have something new to offer and are not afraid to reinvent their performances. With the help of Globe Telecommunications we can witness the power of reinvention in the field of world-class connectivity and entertainment in 2021 BLACKPINK: The Show. This is not just any livestream concert, it showcases how digital technology and advanced communications technology is able to bring world class entertainment into your homes or wherever you are #GlobeBLACKPINKReinvented.  You can watch The Show on your PC or any of your Android or iOS devices. I for one can’t wait to see the latest digital technology that they will use for the concert.

At this time, launching something as big as this is not just impressive but inspiring too. As we all know, these are challenging times but we are not about to let these challenges keep us down. Globe and BLACKPINK send us a message about the power of reinvention and resilience with the launch of this reinvented concert experience. If they are able to innovate and deliver at this time then we can do it too. It reminds us that we can continue moving forward amidst any challenge and enjoy life as we adapt to modern changes. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of things that we can reinvent in our life like movies and gaming for instance #Reinvent. In a way some people have already reinvented their way of life by embracing the perks and conveniences of the digital world.

For now, I am embracing the opportunity to see a reinvented concert experience from Globe happening on January 31, 2021 (2pm KST). I hope you got your tickets ready. Globe gave away 1000 tickets to the YG Palm Stage – 2021 BLACKPINK: The Show as a token of love and appreciation for the fans. I hope there are still tickets available for those who don’t have one yet. We are all excited to see how this experience is able to reinvent your world with #GlobeBLACKPINK.

To those who wish to watch and be part of this concert, please check out this “Guide video” before you join YouTube channel membership to access 2021 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW!

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I can’t wait to show my support to Keisha and I’s fave K-pop group. Yay! Let’s show our love to them by using the following hashtags when posting #GlobeBLACKPINKReinvented, #GlobeBLACKPINK, #Reinvent and let’s not forget to tag @enjoyglobe

Get to know more about this reinvented concert experience by following the Globe official page and KmmunityPH fb page. You can also visit the official YouTube channel of BLACKPINK for more info and membership access.

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