Teviant Tints for Everyday Looks That Empower

March 2021 is the celebration of the National Women’s Month. During this time, we celebrate not just the achievements of extraordinary women but also the ordinary yet empowered Filipinas that contribute to our society. Women who have the courage to face challenges and the guts to show the world who they really are. There are many ways for self-expression, and this includes make-up and LOTD. Believe it or not, women have everyday looks that empower.

The Power of Looks and Make-up

The way we look and the way we look at ourselves give us the confidence to face the world. Thus, every time a woman prepares for work she is empowering herself by choosing clothes or looks that makes her feel good and confident. In this age of Zoom, digital concerts, and TikTok, make-up plays a big role in making people look and feel good to face the world. You can have the power to command attention given the right look. Once you get the attention then people can listen to what you have to say.

Teviant for everyday beauty

There are lots of make-up brands to choose from. Some of which are known for empowering women not just through their products but in their practices as well. In the case of Teviant, the name itself in an homage to the brand owner’s mom. Teviant make-up is formulated in Italy making use of only the finest cosmetic ingredients. Yet it is priced affordably to fit your daily beauty needs. If you are ready for your empowered look, then here are some tints from Teviant that you can use.

Teviant for the eyes

There are several eyeshadow palletes available to fit any look that you have in mind. If you feel like going for the no-make up look then go for the nudes or neutrals. Those who like going for colors and exploring different looks everyday can check out the Horus Eyeshadow Palette. One simple tool that can add power to your look is the eyebrow tint. Strong eyebrows help you exude power so better get those brows on fleek. I got the Teviant Eyebrow Tint in herself and I found it to be easy and convenient to use. You don’t have to be a professional to get nice brows because it’s four-point brush tip makes it easy to get a 3-D microbladed look. I also like it’s smudge proof, water proof and long lasting.

Teviant for the lips

The lips are a prominent feature on our face which is why it can also be a powerful tool in getting one’s attention. Sometimes subdued tones can be more powerful than bright hues so your choice of tint is also important. You can choose from an array of vivid matte colors from Teviant Lip Spell.  I got two of them myself, the Lip Spell in Elizabeth and Lip Spell in Haute. These lip colors are formulated with long-wearing, lip-blurring, lightweight and nourishing features. Their active ingredients include: licorice root extract, sunflower oil, and rosemary extract. Aside from being comfortable to wear, I also like that they are enriched with Vitamin E, collagen boosters, skin-soothing properties, and anti-aging derivatives. This means that they are able to make my lips look great all day while keeping it hydrated and nourished too.

Teviant Protection

This make-up brand also has a Beauty Sanitizer to help you keep your beauty tools clean and protected. I also got this for myself  because you can never be careful nowadays. With a beauty sanitizer on my arsenal I can keep my make-up and grooming products free from germs and bacteria.

You can get other make-up products for everyday looks that empower from the Teeviant product line. They are available at Shopee under Shopee Beauty where you can find great deals and discounts on an array of beauty products. Plus make-up tutorials and beauty tips. You can empower yourself in so many ways. Learning to harness the power of your looks is just one of them.

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