2-Step Seoulista Beauty from Seoul White Korea at Shopee

The appeal of K-beauty remains to be popular among young women today. More than anything else, it is actually the healthy radiance and porcelain like skin of a Seoulista Beauty that women covet. A bit of a challenge to achieve for someone who has morena skin like most Filipinas. But regardless of your skin tone there are beauty solutions that can give your skin a healthy and beautiful glow. One of which is the 2-step routine from Seoul White Korea.

Those who frequent the beauty aisles during pre-pandemic days are probably familiar with this brand especially if you are into K-beauty. This is because the Seoul White packaging reflects the vibrant and youthful glow that you want to get from their product. The nice thing about these products is that they are formulated for the Filipino skin. It makes use of carefully chosen gentle ingredients that deliver powerful results. Not just that, these products are also manufactured here in our country. Now if you’re a busy body with K-beauty goals, then the best thing about using Seoul White is you only need two steps for your Seoulista Beauty routine.

Step 1 Cleanse. Cleansing is always the first step in any beauty routine. This is because excess oil, dirt, and other impurities are the main causes of blemishes. You can start and end your day with a nice clean face using the Seoul White Whip It Soap. This beauty bar is gently formulated to help you clean, moisturize and exfoliate your skin with every wash.  It comes with a fine mesh pouch that lets you whip up a nice rich lather that makes cleansing a pleasant and even luxurious experience.

Whip It Soap also has Kojic Acid and Bearberry extract that helps remove dark spots, even out skin tone, and brighten skin. Things that will take you closer to your beauty goals.

Step 2 Tone and moisturize. Toning and moisturizing are usually two separate steps in a beauty routine. But not when you’ve got one product that can do both. The Seoul White Glow Serum is your one step tool for toning and moisturizing your skin. It has a combination of AHA and BHA toner that helps give your skin a nice fresh finish. You also get to benefit from the soothing hydration and sun protection from the strawberry milk ingredient of the serum.

Other benefits that your skin can enjoy includes:

Locked-in skin moisture and stronger skin barriers

Even skin tone

No skin dryness nor irritation

Gentle exfoliation

Brightens Skin

It takes effort to have great looking skin, especially if you want to get the “Chok Chok” skin of a Seoulista Beauty. That is the fresh, dewy, and porcelain like skin that looks natural on you. Think K-drama actress Moon Ji-in and that’s the kind of beauty we are gunning for. But if you’ve got Seoul White products on your side then you only need two steps to get to your goal.

Seoul White Korea has an array of products to help you achieve your beauty goals. Even those with oily or acne prone skin can find their own two step solutions in their product line. They currently have a Bye Bye Acne collection available at Shopee. You can check them out and be on your way to getting “Chock Chock” skin that everyone is raving about. While you’re at it, you may as well explore fresh deals on Seoul White Korea at Shopee.

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