3 Steps to Maximize your Beauty with a Maxi-Peel Regimen

Skin peeling or exfoliation is one of the best ways to remove dead skin cells and make way for young and fresh looking skin. This is why exfoliation treatments like diamond peel are often part of facial treatment packages in aesthetic centers. But there is also another way to get fresh and young looking skin without having to go through such procedures. That is through the help of a Maxi-Peel regimen. This beauty brand has been around for years now and it has established a sound reputation for delivering results. If you want to try a quick and easy way to maximize your natural beauty then check out this 3 step night time routine

Step 1: Wash with Maxi-Peel Facial Wash. Always start and end your day with a clean face to protect your skin from blemishes. This is why all beauty routines start with washing your face. Each of us have a preference for gentle yet effective facial wash. In the case of Maxi-Peel facial wash it’s the micro-bead formula that makes it effective. These beads help remove deep seated dirt and excess oil from your skin thereby leaving you feeling fresh and clean for a good night’s rest. This product is a basic for any Maxi-Peel regimen.

Step 2: Cleanse and exfoliate with Maxi-Peel Zero. Get your skin more that just a simple cleanse by giving it a Maxi-Peel Zero treatment. This micro-exfoliant fluid can penetrate and exfoliate every layer of your skin. Pretty much like getting a skin peeling treatment without the redness or visible skin flakes. You get rejuvenated skin with Zero redness and Zero peel. But I guess the best zeroes you’re going to get from this product is Zero pimples, Zero dark spots, Zero blemishes, and Zero dull skin. That’s beautiful skin to the max from Maxi-Peel Zero.

Step 3: Get hydrated with Maxi-Peel Moisturizing Cream. Skin dryness can make your skin look dull and old. This can be avoided by simply using a moisturizer for your face. The moisturizing cream from Maxi-Peel can give maximum moisture for the skin thereby keeping it soft, smooth, and supple.



Being the best that you can be is a practical goal in life. The same thing can be said for our beauty goals. We can easily achieve beauty to the max with the right regimen. That’s exactly what the Maxi-Peel regimen is all about. To help you get “Ganda” to the max. Head on to their Shopee store to check on amazing deals and discounts.


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