A Magical World of Play and Learn with LEGO® DUPLO®

Early childhood experiences have an impact on a child’s future social, emotional, and learning skills. Kids who are exposed to cognitive stimulation at an early age have the advantage over those who start later. As parents it is our role to provide our toddlers with the tools and environment  they need to make the most out of their early development years. One such tool is the LEGO® DUPLO®.

Most of us grew up with LEGO bricks in our toy boxes. They are also commonly found in pre-school classrooms or play rooms for young kids. This is because parents and educators know the play and learn value of these building blocks. Unfortunately the standard size of a LEGO brick is too small for toddlers to handle and also a chocking hazard. Given the benefits of these bricks for child development it would be a shame if toddlers are deprived from playing with it. Luckily there’s LEGO® DUPLO® that is especially designed for our little ones.

These bricks are twice as big as the traditional bricks in length, width, and height. But the slots are still compatible with traditional bricks so they can still be used together when your toddlers are old enough to handle small parts. In the meantime you can put the DUPLO in your toddlers hands and let them work their magic on play and learn activities. With these tools your toddler can learn about shapes, colors, and measurements, enhance their fine motor skills, promote creativity through imaginative play, and develop self-expression through their creations.

Aside from the child friendly brick sizes and design, the various themes of LEGO® DUPLO® make them ideal play things for toddlers. I for one really like the LEGO DUPLO My First Unicorn.  This playset has 1 buildable unicorn, 1 rainbow, 2 stars, and 2 push-along carriages with wheels. Its got all the magical elements for an adventurous and imaginative play that our little ones are sure to enjoy.

Another nice set that I got is the  LEGO FRIENDS HEARTLAKE CITY ORGANIC CAFÉ. Its got a toy kitchen, juice delivery bike, oven, blender, coffee machine, food, and mini-dolls. This café set can help you introduce the little ones to a more realistic and practical aspect of life. That is cooking, serving food, and even growing vegetables.

LEGO® DUPLO® can help you make the most out of your toddler’s early development years. With these bricks your child’s play and learn activities can be fun, magical, and exciting.

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