Free Online Activities for Your Free Time

Times may be tough but we don’t have to be tough on ourselves. Remember that taking a break and enjoying your leisure time is a mental health essential. The nice thing about today’s technology is that you get to enjoy your free time without leaving the house or even your desk for that matter. A perfect example of this is the array of Free Online activities that suit your interests. Here are some of my top picks.

Online games. There is no question about it, video games are among the most engaging pastime activities that you can get into. Some people even spend a considerable amount of time and money in buying game consoles, accessories and equipment. But if you simply want to have some good old fun with these games then there is no need to spend for it. There are free game apps that you can download or game sites like  where you can find over a hundred games to choose from.

Sites that offer such a variety of games are great for pastime pleasures. This is because you get to choose the type of game that fits your mood. You can relax with a slow game of solitaire, binge on classic favorites like Space Invaders, Pacman, Tetris, etc., or challenge yourself to more complex and fast paced games. Aside from these there are also free online games that allow you to compete with other players or work together to accomplish goals like the ones featured in facebook.

Online Movies. Another top favorite for free online activities is watching movies from online entertainment platforms. After more than a year into the pandemic we all miss going to the movies. But the best thing we can do for now is to bring the movies into our homes. Movie streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu gives you access to movies on demand by subscribing to their services. But again if you want to watch movies online without spending a dime then go to free movie streaming sites or apps.

You can check out PopcornFlix, 123 movies, and Crackle for Hollywood films or download iWant TV for fans of Star Cinema and other local films.

Online Music. Another thing that we really miss during this pandemic is going to concert events. Recently we have seen the advent of online concerts to fill this gap in the entertainment industry. But you still have to buy tickets to watch the event live. For those on a budget you can enjoy the music of your favorite artists for free through apps like Spotify and YouTube Music. What I like about these two platforms is that you can choose from a variety of playlists that bring concert vibes to your home or even just plain and simple sound trip to enjoy.

These are just three of our favorite online activities that can be enjoyed for free. There are a lot more free stuff online that you can enjoy during your free time. As you can see, even though you are short on cash you are not short on resources or tools to alleviate stress and improve your mood.

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