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Do you know the skincare brand Breylee? If you’ve heard it from your friends and you’re interested about it like me, then read on. Breylee is a brand from China that produces products that are made of 100% pure natural raw materials, with good high quality ingredients and competitive prices. I’ve checked out their Shopee account and was actually surprised to see its price tags. Look how affordable they are. Breylee has different skincare and personal care products. One that caught my attention is their Whitening Pomegranate Day Cream. If you’ll notice it’s the only one that has a hefty price so this must be really good. Comparing to the other products they carry that costs around P100 per product to P500 for a set, this one really got me curious.

Breylee Whitening Pomegranate Day Cream claims to give high whitening and moisturizing effect, create fresh and bright skin. Red pomegranate essence is refreshing for the skin and a good antioxidant. This promises to whiten and brighten the complexion, repair from the bottom of the skin, and at the same time moisturize it. It also has SPF 30.  If you’re into whitening and brightening skincare product, you may check this one out. It’s priced at P3,000.00 and has a night time counterpart that costs the same. P6,000 for day time and night time so these should be really good.


Here’s Breylee’s Pomegranate line:

I’ve ordered some of their products and will give you feedback about it on my Instagram Story or Facebook. If these will work on me, I might consider trying their Pomegranate Day Cream. I’m interested because of all its claims plus it has SPF. You know me, I love products that are multi-functional.

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