Hot MetroSunnies Fashion that Looks Cool In or Out for Work or Play

Protection is very important nowadays because we need our body especially our immune system functioning at optimum levels to fight the pandemic. Face shields and masks protect us against the virus but what about our eyes? Do you protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun when you go outdoors? How about protection from computer glare? Do you have one? You see our eyes need protection from harmful UV rays too. That is something that MetroSunnies can do for you.

MetroSunnies is a known brand for fashionable yet affordable eyewear. They are particularly popular during summer or beach months when people shop for cool glasses for the beach or outdoor adventures. But when you live in a tropical country like ours eyewear that protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun is a wardrobe essential. I recently found two pieces from this fashionable eyewear brand that is perfect for today’s pandemic.

MetroSunnies Gianni Con-Strain, Rose Gold. If you are looking for a hot piece that you can wear both indoors and outdoors then this eyewear is perfect for you. It is a versatile eyewear fitted with PRO Photochromic lens that automatically adapts to the environment you’re in. The lenses darken whenever you venture out into the sun and gives you a UV400 protections. It turns back to its original clear or primrose colored lenses when you get back indoors thereby giving you the lenses that you need for indoor vision and protection from blue light.

MetroSunnies Comb, Black. Eyewear isn’t just about protection and fashion. It can also be fun and whimsical just like this limited edition novelty glasses from Sunnies. This party eyewear doesn’t have any lenses so it’s more of a fashion accessory than an eyewear. Wear it just for fun to give you a new look or part of your look for a themed event. Since its doesn’t have lenses you need not worry about glares when taking selfish or posing for a Zoom party screen shot.

What I like about MetroSunnies is that they do have plenty of fashionable pieces to suit both your mood and needs. I actually have a couple of them already. Since they are really affordable too I find it easy to buy fresh picks from time to time. This month you can get your MetroSunnies eyewear at a huge discount by keeping an eye out for them at the 8.8 Mega Flash Sale on Shopee. Hope you don’t miss it.

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