Jose Mari Chan Tells Us All: Keep Hygienix in Our Hearts

The “Ber” months are here! And while we still can’t freely step inside malls or visit the parks to check out their glistening holiday decorations, leave it to local holiday season icon Jose Mari Chan to spread Yuletide cheers and remind us that there are so many things to be happy for! The most important thing, especially in the middle of this pandemic? To keep our spirits up and live life to the fullest. For Jose Mari Chan, this simply means having Hygienix, the Germ Killer, Skin Lover, always on hand so all of us and everyone dear to our hearts are safe well into Christmas and beyond.

A true Hygienix user even before the pandemic began, Jose Mari Chan has always made sure that he carries in his pocket a small bottle of Hygienix alcohol and that  his household’s weekly grocery run includes Hygienix soap and alcohol. Jose Mari Chan believes that frequent sanitizing is a must so we can effectively fight off germs. But he is also quick to add that using essentials like alcohol and soap shouldn’t come at a high cost like leaving our skin dry.

Known as a true Germ Killer, Skin Lover,  Hygienix gives us more than 99.99% germ killing power. Plus- we also get to protect our skin with its non-drying formula and refreshing scent that leaves skin soft, pleasantly fragrant, and silky smooth.

The Hygienix Germ Kill Alcohol with Moisturizer is a favorite among consumers for its skin loving properties. Powered by Vitamin E and AGENEN, it’s infused with a Moisture Balancing Formula that helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier to prevent moisture loss – an effective way to keep your skin moisturized even after disinfecting multiple times a day.

Also rapidly becoming a household staple is the Hygienix Germicidal Soap. It’s packed with a three-pronged approach to fighting germs that makes bath time even better – Triclosan-free germ-killing action, a refreshingly good scent, and its signature non-drying formula – that is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of disease-causing germs.

Who doesn’t love multi-purpose products that do more than they’re expected to? The next time you shop for essentials, don’t forget to also add to cart the Hygienix Body Germ Kill Wash which is safe from unwanted chemicals that harm and cause dryness to your skin, and comes in three delightful scents – Super Sakura, Citrus Blast, and Mega Menthol; and the Hygienix Germ Kill Hand Wash with a non-drying formula that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized even with frequent hand washing.

With the Hygienix line of antibacterial products, you won’t need anything else!  With its germ-killing yet skin loving properties, Hygienix protects you from germs while keeping  your skin from becoming dry due to repeated sanitizing.

So how does Jose Mari Chan tie up to all of these amazing products? Find out how by visiting  Hygienix’s official Facebook page ( Oh, and did we forget to mention—he’s also on Tiktok?! Check out his first entry here:

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