Love your Skin the Best Way by Glowing with these Garnier Must-Haves on Shopee Beauty!

Glow up with Garnier with these beauty must-haves and get them on Shopee Beauty! It’s no secret that Shopee beauty has everything you need from hair care to make up and skincare! So head on to Garnier’s Shopee account now and check out these must-haves:

Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum (For Dark Spots) 15ML (P350.00)

Here is the new Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum with 30x* more Vitamin C. This is Garnier’s most concentrated formula to fade and lighten dark spots and acne marks in as fast as 3 DAYS! Many swear by the effectivity of this product, hence, it’s a favorite among beauty enthusiasts.

Garnier Super Glow NIGHT Duo: Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum and Night Cream Skincare Set (P819.00)

Here is your daily glow up routine, NIGHT EDITION! Pair Garnier Bright Complete 3-in-1 Anti Acne Cleanser  with our night cream infused with vitamin C, lemon and yoghurt extracts, and WhiteSpeed Serum to fade dark spots and acne marks while you seep. I love using this combo at night. Truly, a game-changer on my skincare routine.

NEW Garnier Super Glow Starter Duo Set: Bright Complete Anti-Acne Cleanser and Vitamin C Serum 30ML (P679.00)

Cleanse and care with this perfect cleanse and care starter duo! Get instantly brighter skin, with the power of Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid. This is the first and only cleanser that brings you 3 actions in 1 product. It cleanses your skin, helps prevent acne and brightens your skin at the same time. Pair it with Garnier Vitamin C Serum that fades dark spots on your face. With this duo, you can achieve a glowing skin.

Garnier Super Glow Starter Trio: Bright Complete Anti-Acne Cleanse, Vitamin C Serum, and Day Cream (P609.00)

What a great bundle to care for your skin! The perfect bundle that fades dark spots in 3 DAYS! On first use, skin is smoother, brighter, and more translucent. With regular use, dark spots are reduced and skin looks visibly brighter.

Give your skin some TLC and grab these products on Shopee Beauty! A friendly tip, get those in bundles for great discount and maximum experience. Download the Shopee App now!

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