Feel Radiantly Luxe with Cetaphil Brightening Essentials at Shopee Beauty Luxe

Soft and smooth skin can make you feel luxurious but if you’ve got radiant skin then you can also look luxurious. However achieving such looks need not be a luxury especially since you’ve got reasonably priced products that you can use. Those who want to look and feel radiantly beautiful can check out the Cetaphil Brightening Essentials to help them achieve their beauty goals just in time for the Christmas festivities. These essentials can help your beauty shine all over because they’ve got products for the face and for the body.

For a radiant looking face you’ve got the  Cetaphil Radiance Routine Day-Night Cream Duo.  This duo takes care of your skin day and night with creams that are developed to protect, hydrate, an illuminate the skin. The Cetaphil Brightening Day Protection Cream SPF15              gently works on your skin to reduce dark spots, even your skin tone, and protect your skin against harmful UV rays. These combined actions allow you to address your dark spot concerns by lightening existing spots and protecting the skin to prevent it.

The second part of the set is the  Cetaphil Brightening Night Comfort Cream.    This night Cream reinforces the illuminating benefits that you get from the day cream. Both day and night creams are developed with the GENTLEBRIGHT TECHNOLOGY.  This technology combines natural sea daffodil extract and vitamin B3 which are proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots. As a result, brighter and even toned skin can be observed as early as four weeks. Those who have sensitive skin need not worry because Cetaphil Brightening essentials are all hypoallergenic and Dermatologist Developed for even the most sensitive skin.

For a body with skin so soft, so smooth, and so radiant, there’s the Cetaphil Brightness Reveal Bar and Cetaphil Brightening Lotion Duo. The CETAPHIL BRIGHT HEALTHY RADIANCE BRIGHTNESS REVEAL BAR helps you wash away dirt and impurities with a gentle clean. It’s so gentle that it does the job without drying sensitive skin. As a result you’ve got clean , soft and smooth skin that glows with its inner radiance.

Use the CETAPHIL BRIGHT HEALTHY RADIANCE BRIGHTENING LOTION after bathing. This complements the effects of the Reveal Bar as it moisturizes the skin while brightening and balancing the skin tone. With daily use you can enjoy a brighter and more even skin tone in 4 weeks. With this duo you get to achieve it  without irritating or weakening the skin barrier.

Now for some early Christmas cheers, you can save on your  Cetaphil Brightening Essentials purchases at Shopee Beauty Luxe. You can get up to 33% discount along with exclusive deals and offers when you shop there. Get them now so you can start your journey to a radiantly beautiful skin for the holidays.

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