Six Picks for Belo at Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival

One of the nice things that happened during this pandemic is that people became more aware of our local brands. Not just that, consumers are also more conscious about the benefits of supporting our own products. By patronizing local brands consumers are able to enjoy quality products while helping support our economy. One prominent local brand that I patronize is Belo Skin Care. They’ve got a wide range of products that effectively address various skin care concerns. This month I’m taking advantage of the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival to get my pick of Belo products.

1.      Belo SunExpert Whitening Sunscreen SPF50. Dermatologists recommend putting on sunscreen to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays. This will help prevent skin darkening, dark spots, or any sun damage on the skin. But the nice thing about this sunscreen from Belo is that you also get brighter and fairer skin with continued daily use.

2.      Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA++++. Protect and enhance, this is what the Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen can do for your skin. It has SPF 50 and PA++++ that gives you broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. You also get Cell Protect® that strengthens your defense against premature skin aging. Aside from protection it can also enhance your beauty because of its Tone Adapt Technology. This helps you even out your skin tone, conceal fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections. A perfect tool for a flawlessly beautiful no make-up look.

3.      Belo SunExpert Translucent Loose Powder. Set your look for the day with a matte, soft focus finish from this Belo Translucent Loose Powder. Aside from making your skin look oil free, even toned and radiant, this product also shields your skin against UV rays with an SPF 30 protection.

4.      Belo AcnePro Pimple Patch.
Say goodbye to panic during pimple emergencies with the help of these Tea Tree Oil infused pimple patches.  Tea tree oil is effective in dealing with pimples and these patches are formulated to act quickly.

5.      Belo Underarm Whitening Cream. Shed your sleeves and raise your arms with confidence with the help of Belo Underarm Whitening Cream. It has Alpha Arbutin that whitens skin at the cellular level and gives results in as fast as 2 weeks.

6.      BELO NUTRACEUTICALS GLUTATHIONE+COLLAGEN. There are soaps, creams and serums that one can use to get fairer skin. But for me nothing beats getting fair beauty from within. This is why I like the Glutathione+Collagen capsules from Belo Nutraceuticals. It has 250mg of compacted glutathione that removes free radicals and whitens skin. That plus collagen that strengthens skin and promotes skin elasticity.

These products are readily available in retail outlets nationwide. But why leave the house when you can get them from Shopee. You are also in for a treat if you purchase them during the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival. During this event you can get up to 50% off on your Belo favorites. There are also tons of giveaways from your favorite brands. Head on to Shopee and take advantage of the festival perks.

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