Goodies for the Good-est Cats and Dogs from Pedigree and Whiskas at Shopee

Has your four-legged family member been naughty or nice this year? As we’ve been told the nice ones always get treats from Santa. But there is no need to wait for Santa when you can give your cats and dogs some treats now. This Christmas season get goodies for your good-est cats and dogs from Pedigree and Whiskas and give them the treats that they deserve. After all, our furry family members are always there to bring us joy regardless if they’re naughty or nice. Here are some treats that I have in mind for our pets.

For our pups and dogs, Pedigree and IAMS are top of mind choices. This is because they’ve got a wide selection of dog food and treats to make sure that our dogs are happy and healthy. They’ve got wet and dry food in different flavors so that our dogs get to enjoy their meals and choose their favorites too. For this week Pedigree Pouch Rstd Chx & Liver and PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Roasted Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy are on our pets’ menu.

For our little pups it’s the IAMS Dry Puppy Small Breed. What I like about Pedigree and the IAMS brand is that their products are complete and balanced so we are confident that our furry family members are getting the nutrition they need.

Aside from dog food for their daily meals, you can also give your dogs some special treats to reward them. Our pick of treat for the week is the Pedigree Tasty Bites Dog Treats Crunchy Pockets Chicken Flavor.

Cats and kittens also deserve their treats for the season. For them we’ve got WHISKAS Pouch Tuna, WHISKAS Cat Food Wet Mackerel, and SHEBA Melty Cat Treat Katsuo Flavor. Just like Pedigree, Whiskas I also available in different flavors as well as wet and dry variants. Whiskas meals and treats are also especially made to make sure that your cats get healthy and yummy food everyday. Another thing I like about Whiskas is that it’s one of the most affordable pet foods around.

Getting treats for your family members is now more convenient because you can get your supply of Pedigree and Whiskas at Shopee. You can buy them anytime, anywhere, and have them delivered to your doorstep. Now isn’t that a Treat? Just visit the Pedigree and Whiskas official store at Shopee and get your furry little ones some treats .

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  1. Ma. Cyril Creer
    November 5, 2021 / 11:40 pm

    Ang daming goodies for our furbabies .. Magandang treats po talaga for them ang Pedigree and IAMS . Good to know at mayroon na sa Shopee ..

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