A Classy Gift of Timeless Scents from Elizabeth Arden at Shopee

Scents and fragrances are great gifts not just for the holidays but for special occasions too. Not just because fragrances are considered as luxury items but also because it can give you a pleasant experience every time you wear it.  If you hit the right note of fragrance then there’s a chance that your recipient will have fond memories of you whenever the scent is worn. You can up your chances of hitting the right notes with these timeless scents from Elizabeth Arden. This is because they’ve got a selection of scents that hard to resist.

Classic Favorites

Elizabeth Arden fragrances has been around for decades now. Although they have fresh fragrances released every now and then there are scents that we simply can’t let go. The top three that comes to mind are Red Door Shimmer , My Fifth Avenue, and Green Tea Scent Spray.

Red Door Shimmer and My Fifth Avenue are both musky perfumes and are great for formal events or an evening out. RED Door Shimmer has a fruity-floral scent with a hint of woody-spicy notes. On the other hand My Fifth Avenue has a more woody floral-fruity scent. If it’s a light scent that you want then the Green Tea Scent Spray is perfect for you. It has a light citrusy fragrance that’s perfect for everyday wear especially during the summer.

New Favorites

Following the success of the Green Tea Scent Spray, Elizabeth Arden released the White Tea fragrance collection in their line. My pick for this collection include the White Tea, White Tea Wild Rose, and White Tea Mandarin Blossom.

The White Tea has a musky woody-floral scent that leaves a crisp fragrance. For those who love to smell the roses, the White Tea Wild Rose is a great scent to try. It captures the floral tones of the original White Musk and combines it with fresh pear blossom. If you want to go fruity then add the White Tea Mandarin Blossom to your list. This fragrance has Mandarin, Lemon, Bergamot, and other Exotic Fruits for its top notes. The nice thing about the White Musk collection  is that you can layer them on top of each other to create your own scent. A great feature for the timeless scents from Elizabeth Arden.

I got all three fragrances mentioned above so I’ll have scents to fit my mood. You can also get your hands on these timeless scents from Elizabeth Arden by going to their official store at Shopee. If you hurry you might still catch the 50% discount and gift bundles that are offered from Dec 12 -15, 2021.

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