An All Natural and Eco-friendly Korean Skin Care Brand, Farm Skin Is Now Available on Shopee!

If you’re looking for an all natural and eco-friendly skin care brand, I’ve got great news because Farm Skin is now available on Shopee. Farmskin is a new skincare and personal care brand from Korea. It is known for its natural ingredients, for being ethically conscious in all its processes and practices, including being cruelty-free and safe on animals.

Here are some of their products that I’m excited to try:

Farmskin Fresh Food Salad For Skin Beauty Facial Sheet Mask Purifying 5 Sheets Set

Farmskin Fresh Food Salad For Skin Beauty Facial Sheet Mask Purifying 5 Sheets Set  is a 5 days skincare program designed with fresh vegetables and fruits from nature.

It includes the ff.:
Cucumber + Fig + Blueberry + Honey + Avocado

It soothes, purifies, balances, strengthens and smoothens your skin.

It’s easy and mild enough for everyday use!

3 key ingredients:
Kelp – full of marine minerals from the sea, rich in Vitamin C and E. Nourishes skin and gives a flawless look.
Eclipta Alba – full of vitamin A and moisture. Protect and soothes tired skin from external irritation and stress.
Hyaluronic Acid – a polyssacharide that is present in our skin. It settles between dermis and collagen absorbing 1,000 times moisture than its weight, moisturizes and improves elasticity.
– Tencel Cupra S-Pattern sheet masks adhere smoothly to the skin without leaving gaps. Tencel fabric is made out of eucalyptus wood and Cupra fabric is made out of cotton fabric. Together they form a soft natural fabric.

Farmskin Fresh Food Facial Cleansing Foam For Normal Skin – Orange (100mL)

Fresh Food Facial Cleansing Foam has something for each skin type, with 4 different fresh fruits. Apple (Oily), Grape (Sensitive), Pomegranate (Dry), and Orange (Normal)
This is a daily cleanser that removes makeup residue. Its creamy foam bubbles get deep into your pores and actively remove dead skin cells and impurities for a refreshing clean without irritation- do not affect skin’s natural moisture. It has95% Natural Ingredients like nature-oriented surfactants (palmitic acid, stearic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid, glyceryl stearate) make the product gentle on your skin. “Fresh Food Complex” fully composed of origanum Vulgare leaf, Scutellaria baicalensis root, and lactobacillus/soybean ferment extracts recharges skin with healthy energy and vitality.

Farmskin Fresh Food Puzzle Soap Set For Combination Skin

Fresh Food for Skin Missing Puzzle Soaps is made out of various fresh fruits and vegetables from nature. A simple, perfect cleansing with a soft and rich lather. Healthy ingredients which are comfortable and stress-free enough to use every day from head to toe with sulfate, silicone, parabens, alcohol, talc, and phenoxyethanol excluded. It is fully loaded with the freshness of the natural ingredients and provides a healthy, nature-friendly cleansing without sulfate, silicone, parabens, alcohol, talc, and Phenoxyethanol.
* Customize your soap by collecting 4 puzzles! Combine the four missing and lacking pieces of your skin as you like. The Skincare solution only for your skin problem is offered with 12 Fresh ingredients from nature.

This skin set is a customized combination of 4 Puzzle Soaps to optimize the benefits for combination skin users:

Balancing Mangosteen Puzzle Soap
Moisturizing Grape Puzzle Soap
Purifying Charcoal Puzzle Soap
Soothing Cucumber Puzzle Soap

Farmskin Fresh Food For Hair Salon Quality Hair Mask – Deep Moisture Grape and Apple

Farm Skin Professional Hair Care at Home: Professional results at home with beautiful shiny hair reducing chances of breakage. -Effect comparable to a hair salon. Simple & Comfortable Use: Simply wear the pre-moistened hair cap! The hair cap is made with Cotton textured elastic Fabric which is stretchable, so it comfortably fits for all hair types. DEEP MOISTURE (Grape & Apple) -Nutrition & Moisturizing: Packed with rich essential Vitamins + Nutrients + Honey + Jojoba Seed Oil + Plant based Protein and fresh fruits ingredients including Grape & Apple extracts to make hair Hydrates, Softens, Smooth, Thicker and Healthier. Turn dry-dull hair into lustrous and Shiny!

If you want to experience natural beauty from farm to skin, checkout Farmskin on Shopee.

Don’t forget to download Shopee for free on App Store or Google Play Store.


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