Keep The House Clean This Christmas With MaxKleen

The holidays are upon us! I know most of you are thinking of ways on how to spend it. For me, the safest way to celebrate it is by staying at home with the family. And, for safer and happier Christmas Celebration, you have to make sure that you have delectable dishes prepared plus the house should be clean. Keep your house clean this holiday season with MaxKleen.

Splash MaxKleen Antibacterial Concentrated Liquid Detergent – Sunshine Flower 2.4 kg

Harmful germs can stay on clothes and fabrics for hours. You can get rid of them with Splash Maxkleen Concentrated Liquid Detegent! Splash Maxleen Liquid Detergent bottle has a smart leaning neck making it easy to pour. It also has a transparent bottle cap with measurement.

Splash MaxKleen Antibacterial Multi-Surface Wipes

Maxkleen Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Wipes guarantees to kill 99.9% of germs on these surfaces.  It’s your on-the-go protection against disease-causing germs. It helps remove dirt, mold, grease and stains on common surfaces that hands come in contact with (office furniture, shopping cart handles, inside the car, restaurant tables among others). It has a unique soft honeycomb fabric that’s formulated to clean, disinfect and deodorize. It has a non-bleach formula and is alcohol free so it’s safe to use!

Splash MaxKleen Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer

Splash MaxKleen Surface Disinfectant Sanitizer kilsl 99.9% of germs on surfaces. This product is NOT A CLEANSER. It cannot eliminate stain, grease, tough dirt. You use Splash Maxkleen Disinfectant Surface Sanitizer AFTER cleaning the surface area.

1. Simply spray directly onto surface
2. Wipe over with clean damp cloth and allow to dry
4. With electric equipment, spray onto cloth before wiping

The trigger pump has 3 modes that can be activated through rotation of the nozzle cap – Stream (jet), Spray (Sprinkling), Off.

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