Sea of Smiles as Panasonic Provides nanoeTM X Protection to Help Strengthen Vaccination Efforts for Children in Quezon City

Panasonic, as part of its global campaign in advocating and ensuring cleaner and fresher air for life, most recently partnered with the local government of Quezon City through a donation in the form of nanoeTM X-equipped air purifiers and portable nanoeTM X generators for the city’s use at its vaccination site in Don Alejandro Roces Sr. Science-Technology Highschool (DARRSTHS), located along Don A. Roces Avenue in Quezon City.

The installation of these products equipped with Panasonic’s groundbreaking nanoeTM X technology, that have been verified to have inhibitory effects on airborne and adhered viruses, including the novel coronavirus*1, is part of a bigger program by Panasonic Corporation to provide cleaner and quality air for the community, especially in high-traffic areas that include vaccination sites, hospitals, and most recently, with the news of face-to-face classes soon resuming, schools.

Previous contributions initiated by the Panasonic team include donations to Mandaluyong City, Makati City, Malabon City, Taguig City, and the Philippine General Hospital (PGH); with another donation scheduled to take place at The Far Eastern University – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation medical school in Novaliches, Quezon City.

VIPs in attendance at the official turnover of products that took place in Quezon City Hall last November 15 included the Honorable Quezon City Mayor Josefina “Joy” Belmonte and General Manager of Life Solutions and Panasonic Country Head, Yosuke Tanaka.

“Panasonic is proud and privileged for being able to share our technology with the community during this time,” shared Yosuke Tanaka during the turnover event. “Hopefully this small contribution opens even more doors, in terms of having this COVID-19 inhibiting nanoeTM X technology accessible across the six districts of Quezon City.”

A total of 20 Panasonic nanoeTM X air purifiers and 30 Panasonic Portable nanoeTM X Generators have been installed at Quezon City’s vaccination site located at Don Alejandro Roces Sr. Science-Technology Highschool (DAARSTHS), in hopes of providing further protection for minors, aged 12-17, receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Members from the Panasonic present at the vaccination site distributed freebies to children, accompanying parents, and even grandparents, in attendance that included nanoeTM X face masks, fans, pillows, tote bags, notepads, and most importantly, supplemental information on Panasonic’s innovative and timely technology.

“Panasonic has leveraged the power of hydroxyl radicals contained in water to purify the air around us,” Francis Serrato, Communications and Product Planning Manager of Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines (PACPH) shared during his short lecture to parents and children in attendance. “The assurance of breathing in clean air when these products are around is something we, in Panasonic, are glad to share.”

“This makes me feel secure,” shared Maria Adan, who accompanied both her grandchildren to get their vaccinations, when asked about her thoughts on the extra protection provided by Panasonic’s nanoeTM X technology. “It’s nice to know this technology exists to help my grandson and granddaughter not have to go to school crippled by fear of the virus.”

Knowing that the air in this location is free from the virus makes me feel happy,” Nieves Dela Cruz, mother of two, also shared. “Especially now that face-to-face classes are resuming, it’s nice to know my kids can socialize with other kids more freely.”

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